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I have a Freelander 2 year 2013 and would like to update my Sat Navigation - Does anyone know how to do it without spending
a fortune with Landrover.
Thanks in advance
Just find a new up to date disk and it's under the driver's seat. Paid 30quid for mine.
bonnet catch- sorry to bother you me and wife just popped the bonnet again the bonnet spring looks verry tight can it be slackened with screwdriver in the end as it has a slot in??
Stretch spring a small amount and refit. They are far too tight
Hi guys
I have a discovery 2 that’s been kangarooing
Garaged has had it 6 weeks and can’t find problem
Today a friend plug it in to his scanner and we noticed it’s fluctuating from high and low constantly

Could this cause this running issue
Hi all. Just joined the group. Long term Land Rover nut. Ex MOD, Stage 1 V8, Discos and currently a Range Rover l322. Hopefully meet ups for green laning.
Chat back.