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Hi Ric. A while back you posted a thread about your temperature sensor (really helpful). Can you let me know how you checked the resistance please as I would like to do the same. i.e. where you put the wires from the multimeter and at what times during the running of the engine. The youtube clips I have watched suggest one shouldn't check resistance when there is a current flowing.
Many thanks for your help
You would do better to ask these questions in the open forum in the relevant section you would get more answers/advice.
These posts are on your profile.
Thanks still getting used to the forum a little
As a query how difficult is it to replace engine to gearbox seal as it appears I have leaks around the engine sump and gearbox to engine grrr and as I have it jacked up on stands I really ought to do them as well
The only thing I am replacing that was not at all planned is the front cross member as it turned out to be rotten and cant believe the previous owners mechanic didn't notice or comment about this and nothing on previous MOT's either. So fortunately found one and just have the great joy of fitting it!
Just as an update a week on and upgrades still ongoing wheels just picked up for a colour change and repairs. I will be posting some photos of everything that’s been happening over the weekend as think I deserve a weekend off if I can stay away!