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The Mad Hat Man
Sep 11, 2005
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April 30
Embasinga stocæ
Ex Managing Director - Cabling Company

The Mad Hat Man

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LZIR Despatch Agent

Thinking about it Sep 19, 2016

    1. The Mad Hat Man
      The Mad Hat Man
      Thinking about it
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    2. clivees
      A up daft how's it going? Just thought I would have a little look around the old Landyzone to se how it was going.
    3. slimboy
      Hi Mad Hat.
      How that's what a call a car
      All the best
    4. clivees
      Happy new year to you all.
      Clive (Clivees)
      We must get out and about again with Patman and the kids again this new year
    5. CanAmSteve
      Hello - I am led to believe you might be able to shed some light on how to relocate a Disco 2 ECU? I want to move it inside under the dash using an extension loom, but don't see any hole large enough to pass those monster connectors through. Thanks!
    6. tugem
      Hi I sent you a friend request, because having trouble getting message to you I would Like To buy headlight plug for facelift on Disco 2 if you have one, I have one with one of the lights but still need one for other. Thank's Steve. ( tugem )
    7. dirtywindmillshafts
      hi mate im just wondering if you do the headlight plug conversion for facelift td5 as im wantin to put a set in my 300 v8 if so how much with p&p i would be greatful to know if not do you know anyone who does them if you can email or ring me on 07960255803 many thanks rob
    8. Seyang
      Hi Mad Hat,

      OMG Love the FORD GT 40, wish i could have my own one day!
      Hmmm, if you could hook me up with the plugs for the 2004 Freelander Head Lights that would be wonderful. Let me know how i can pay you. Pay Pal could be an option i hope?

      Thanks Mad Hat.

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    April 30
    Embasinga stocæ
    Ex Managing Director - Cabling Company
    Current Landrover:
    Did have a Freelander V6 ES-X (Yuk!)
    did have an X-Trail (The Slitty) and a Bobtailed Disco (Tufftee) and a GT40 (very nice) and, and, and...... did have a series3 truck cab (The Dibnah) and a Rover220 Turbo (nice)
    Dream Landrover?:
    one that is reliable
    married to the first wife, 2 kids, 4 grandkids, and plenty of time. Not enough inclination.

    Anything for a quiet life . except for JM & Wammbo


    AKA "landy zone official internet warrior "
    "the opinions expressed in this post are those of the originator and may not represent those of the majority" ;)

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