Wot 4x4s have you had!!...

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The first 4x4 i had wuz a little suzzuki jimmy (jimney).. that wuz yrs
ago.. i had tu get rid of it, i wuz always late fu werk! the little fooker
only done 70 tops!!:eek:

A d/fourtrack.. feckin thing, i always felt wen you drove it, the car
pointed one way, un it went the other! i had crashed it, almost rote
it off and a garage done a full repair job on it, the garage said it had
been in a crash before, the body was bolted on out of square!!:(

Jap perjero.. nothing but trouble wiff fuel filter on them fookers.. didnt
av it long.. thirsty as ****!!:( :(

Now this wot i have now.. TD4 gaylander.. yeah i know, ill never learn!
nuthin but trouble.. emptyin yer walit every fookin week!!:eek: :( :rolleyes:

Now, before yer fookers say.. shood av got a depender! ! my doughter
bought a 90.. cost 5k! nuthin but hassle, the only thing that was good
was the engin!! cost anover 41/2k tu get it on the road, un still spendin
on it!!:eek: :eek:

Such fookin joy....:eek: :(
had a nissan terrano II LWB with a 2.7 derv in it.. slow, lumpy but felt great and made me decide I wanted a 4x4... lots of research and test drives later and I have my discovery...
Series 3 109 2.25 petrol with lpg kit: STOLEN by an EX mate

V8 110 csw Sold due to high running cost

110 330tdi HD hard top. Written off due to attempted theft and torching.

110 TD5 commercial station wagon. Pain in the arse but I love it.
Series 2 88" SW
Series 2a 109" Truck Cab
Series 3 109" Truck Cab
90 N/A Doozel Soft Top (Ex RAF)
200TDi Deepender 90 (Current Landy)

In between / simultaneously with the above -

Gaylander XeDi 5 Door
Gaylander GS V6 5 Door
Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2 DiD Auto LWB
Nissan Pathfinder DCi SVE (Current family car)

From all of the above, the most troublesome was the V6 Gaylander.
The least troublesome was the Shogun.
The most fun is my 200 TDi Deepender.
first 4x4 Diahatsu Rocky,
Suziki SJ410
Suzuki SJ413
Jeep CJ7
Land rover Lightweight
when I lived in US. I had Cherokees and 4x4 pick ups
Since living in Serbia, Jeep Wrangler, Range Rover, 3 Cherokees, Suzuki SJ410 (again) And Land Rover Discovery.

The Land Rovers are easily best for 'normal' driving on the roads here. But I prefer the Jeeps for modding and off roading.
Daihatsu "Feroza" (euro version of the fourtrack i think) - ok for pottering about the fields.

Had a coupla Audi Quattros (including their pretend off road one) which are great road cars but don't really count!

90 is the best by far though!
a few quattros when i had more money than sense
a nice Jensen that got nicked
a couple of Lancia Integrales - including a 16v one which had been tweaked to 350BHP+
lots of land rovers
lots of horses
only had one 4x4 that was just mine and was a frontera sport, with lots of lights n big wheels, was good fun and dint cost me a penny for 3yrs...
as a family i have had, a series 2, a 200tdi disco, a td5 disco, 2 commercial 110's, a classic range rover, and a d3...
i drove all and had fun but bills and repairs i had nothin to do with, just the way i like it hehe
Bought a Frontera Sport cos I lived on top of a mountain in norf wales.
Loved it to bits till the engine blew up.:mad:

Had always really wanted a Landy so after havin had the engine replaced I got shot and bought me 90.

Four years later Havn't stopped grinnin yet :D :D :D :D
Had a Series 3 with a V8 in it - spent ages (and a huge pile of cash) getting it sorted - then my Ex sold it for scrap when we split up (I popped round to collect it and the garage was empty...)

Then had a Shogun 2.6 petrol - had it six months, spent most of that with a tub of filler in my hand fixing the rear wheel arches...

Then a few cars - mainly Vauxhalls

Had a Frontera 2.2 LWB Transglobe for a year or so, gave it to the OutLaws and bought the P38 instead

Its SnowFoam (or something like that) - the motor was in a really sh*t state when I got it, so I got a chap to give it a valeting - he covered it with this stuff to strip all the old wax and poop off

i had a sj413 suzuki an a sj410 the first one was nearly new i took over the payments from someone who couldent keep up withe the payments,no windows in the back which suited me as i was vat reg at the time

i know they get a good slaggin but it was up for it
Swb 2.25 Derv Series 3 - Have had it for 16 years sometime this month :d but now it needs a new chassis :(

300Tdi Disco - Have had it for about 8 years so far i think :) and nowt major has gone wrong with it

Soon to have a defender as well.... When i can find a cheap 90 with a half decent chassis around my area :eek:
Only other 4X4 I have had is the SJ410

Loved it :)


Oh and also have this 4X4, not sure if that counts though :p

had a series 2a (1969 ) 2.25 petrol had it for 12 years last 3 v8 converted .
1987 90 td i converted to 200tdi disco engine had that for 10 years (still got it going to trick it up for off-roading :rolleyes:
and my latest and the love of my life :D :D
56 plate td5 90 county with winter pack
\l/ \l/ \l/:cool:
Folks had a disco when i was learning to drive :)
Then sold it and got new Xtrail, :D on road,:confused: off it!
Ive had a s3 88, disco es, 110 hardtop for work and Currently own A Classic!:D :mad: :eek: :) :eek: