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  • Hi I have to source a recon engine for my 2015 R/ R 3.0 Sport. Been talking to a guy Ali Amar who has a company in Barking 4x4 Engine Rebuilds. Have you any knowledge good or bad? Thank you Steve
    Hi mate

    I come Greenlaning with you around 6 years ago when I had my defender, I recently just bought another and looking to go out again. Do you still do it?
    Don't think it was me, the rangie was sold by then. All the lanes I used are shut and I only have works motors to play in now so I don't do any more lanes. Try the Essex lanes thread see if anyone is about.
    Hello Mr goonarmy, perchance do you have access to an EAS unlock cable? Would happily bump it to Hornchurch..
    Hi goonarmy,
    I saw your post about Essex off road. Not sure what course we will be doing yet as we want to try the old disco out. If you fancy meeting up we'll travel along with you.
    We're not new to this just
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