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May 29, 2017
Sep 18, 2007
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Aug 21, 1908 (Age: 113)
Stuck in a ditch somewhere in Somerset


I'm not special I'm limited edition, 113, in Stuck in a ditch somewhere in Somerset

Do I eat the chocolate digestives or the ginger nuts????? Jul 22, 2015

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May 29, 2017
    1. cycleman
      Hi ratty, Could you possible change my user name from 'cyclamen' to 'roast beef' please?...I think I am in for a bit of abuse if I don't change it (quite possibly well deserved)
    2. toma
      Range rover vogue tdv8 workshop manual
    3. ratty
      Do I eat the chocolate digestives or the ginger nuts?????
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      2. ratty
        Bugger. I'll eat an extra one in sympathy for you.
        Jul 22, 2015
      3. Rosie
        both! together! same time!
        Jul 22, 2015
      4. ratty
        Chocolate covered gingers are nice.
        Jul 22, 2015
    4. ratty
    5. L77mpy
      Hi ratty ,
      Apparently you met my son joe ( black defender 90 softtop ) and you told him the engine was on its way out .... Well you were right.... Engine has expired, funeral soon. I fancy dropping a V8 into it , can you recommend the best engine / gearbox to fit it please ... Are you going to Kats wedding ?
      Laters Andrew
    6. scotrees
      "when you corner does the steering feel a little bit to precise?"
      Hi Ratty, sorry to be a pain I've been trolling the net for answers and replacing parts on the steering and saw your question/post re above. I have this symptom though the steering when all was well was set up before slight impact, was positive and responsive, (since the front end had slight Impact from a Lady driver) all front end steering was replaced, now on second decent damper it all feels a bit too twitchy and front seems, on occasion to swoop to the right or left. Supposedly the tracking was done.
      When you ask this question i assumed you might be able to shed some light on this please.
      Steering drop arm joint and all track rod ends/rods replaced, its 110 Heavy duty special vehicle TD5 2001.
      Oh and Im now not sure if the steering box is actually centralised reading all the other posts.

    7. HannahMillard
      Hi Ratty, I posted a discount code for Defender Geek, I didn't know it was against the rules to post with out permission, apologies. Is it ok to keep the post up? thanks
    8. mozz smith
      mozz smith
      hi ratty whats best price for collection of a jag in Aberdeen and deliver to Manchester mileage approx. 348mls one way ,,cheers mozz
    9. lodge22
      ah right cool cheers. Starter motor seems fine now, Julian has replaced the battery and the wire going to the starter and it all seems good. What's the chippie run thing all about? Green laning trip with chips at the end? Sounds good to me!
    10. kernow580
      52 plate TD5 Sump filling with diesel
      I have recently brought a discovery td5 on a 52 plate with 112,000 on the clock, upon purchasing i was told that the injector seals had been replaced. after owning car for 1 week only the sump again filled with diesel so I had the seals re done. the car was then parked up for 3 weeks and then used for approx. 180 miles and guess what the sump filled with diesel again. I have been told that this could possibly be a cracked head or does anyone know of anything else that cause this? Also with the sump filling with diesel would this have damaged the bottom end? I am unsure whether to find and mend the fault or try and sell the vehicle...
      1. Masy likes this.
    11. lodge22
      Hey mate, got the Landy booked in for Friday so i'll let you know what Julian says, cheers for the help! Also, am I signed up for LZIR?
    12. alistairhurst
      Hi I am a new member and I would like to post in the for sale section (even though I want to place a wanted ad), can you alter my privileges to allow me to do this?


    13. breeze1957
      what are you on about?
    14. ranger@12
      Im no good with computers so if you can tell me wherr to as already donated but clearly not enough so some constructive help would be welcomed or none at all
    15. ranger@12
      Hello would like to know why you changed my signature instead of sending me a pm to explain that I should pay, is it this sites only goal to try humiliation or do they genuinely like to build land rovers, am quite happy to pay to advertise if someone tells me how,,,
    16. Nigbo
      fat f**ker
    17. peter8315
      Hi been told to p m you re recovery, want to bid on a series three pick up lwb at whitehaven cumbria, deliver to ilkeston in derbyshire, could you give me a price, thanks Pete
    18. Silly Tilly
      Silly Tilly
      Hello, any chance you could wave at me when i wave at you, admittedly you might not have recognised me in my bus (blue bus yellow writing), I saw you in your Breakdown truck in MSN at the funny traffic lights! Wave next time please xx
    19. jami
      Hi I av listed a wanted for parts en put it in vehicles how do I move it wi out deleting it all, thanks
    20. TPONZ
      Hey Ratty, Thanks for the lessons so far. Any tips for dealing with dick heads ?
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    Aug 21, 1908 (Age: 113)
    Stuck in a ditch somewhere in Somerset
    Current Landrover:
    110 TD5 Commercial Station Wagon
    Dream Landrover?:
    300TDI 110 csw or a S3 lightweight fitted with a 300tdi lump
    Resident ditch diver


    REMEMBER: The toes you step on today may be attached to the ass you will have to kiss tomorrow
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