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Rave CD downloads - free

Discussion in 'Common Faults and Questions' started by The Mad Hat Man, Oct 8, 2007.

By The Mad Hat Man on Oct 8, 2007 at 2:52 PM
  1. The Mad Hat Man

    The Mad Hat Man Well-Known Member LZIR Despatch Agent

    Sep 11, 2005
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    Embasinga stocæ
    Can be downloaded here as PDFs FOC

    List of PDFs

    or as the iso images below.

    land rover rave technical system

    rave01 = Range rover P38, Discovery 2, Defender 300tdi/Td5/v8, Freelander 1.8/td4/v6

    rave02 = Range Rover P38 and L322, Defender 200/300tdi and v8

    rave03 = Range Rover classic tdi/v8, Discovery 1995 onwards mpi/Tdi/v8, Freelander 1.8/L series

    The rave disks download as .iso image files. After downloading them you need to use magiciso, 7-zip or winzip type programs to open them, to allow you to copy the rave folder out of the .iso image file.

    For Freelander 2 manuals you need to look ere: Freelander 2 repair and maintenance manual

    Online parts lists:

    Land Rover parts

    Allbrit MG ROVER & Mini Classic Teilekataloge
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Discussion in 'Common Faults and Questions' started by The Mad Hat Man, Oct 8, 2007.

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    1. tubbiescooter
      do they make these for older defenders i.e 2.5 turbo diesel ???
    2. andrewblueboy
      hi there :)
      ive download all 3 of the cds and cant seem to find any that contain the 200 tdi. anybody out there know of any that covers the 92 discovery
      many thanks in advance
    3. Pikey
      Heritage LR centre sell one as do some of the landy mags.
    4. The Mad Hat Man
      The Mad Hat Man
      Anyone got a link to a Disco1 download? pref 200TDi.

      appears to be CD3.:eek:
    5. biggeeeee
      Regarding the closed thread (below) on where to download RAVE CD's. I have downloaded the Microcat programme but after following all the instuctions and loading on to PC I am faced with the message -
      'Microcat has not found an authorised dongle please contact Microcat helpdesk for assistance'.
      Does anybody know a way round this or is the download not available any more.
      Any help would be appreciated. thanks
    6. biggeeeee
      Please cancel the above request I've managed to work it out.
      Works a dream :D :D
    7. Trewey
      well share the know-how for the benefit of others then!
    8. biggeeeee
      For some reason when I first tried to open the icon aftger downloading the program, it automatically opened NERO burning programme, burnt the prog onto a disc, if you open the disc there is a file on crack instructions which are:
      Insert CD into drive, the CD will autorun.
      The Microcat menu appear.
      Close the menu. Open the CD through my computer.
      Double click on Install CD. Follow instuctions and do as instructed.
      In the Crack folder, you'll find a file.
      Copy the mg16.dll to the following folders if they exist...
      bullet C:\MCLRE
      bullet C:\Windows\System
      bullet C:\Windows\System32 (W2K or XP)
      bullet C:\WINNT\system32 (W2K)
      bullet After the installation is complete, remove the CD and click on finish.

      1) NOTE: Before running the program (each and every time) the system clock, in your system tray,
      must be set to the date on the cd. In this case, 09/2006 (October, 2006)
      2) To run the program once installed, change the system clock to date provided, double click the Microcat for Land Rover icon on your desktop.

      This is the only time you need the disc as far as I know, i've used the program 3 times now and haven't used it again.
      Its a bit fiddly because when you want to run the program you need to change the clock on your PC back to October 2006, but its worth it after that pop in your reg no or chassis no and everything is there.
      If you need a copy of the file mg16.dll or the instructions on how to use the program let me know.
      good luck
    9. The Mad Hat Man
      The Mad Hat Man
      Updated today - thanks to Hippo for the headsup
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    Not open for further replies.