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Picture posting for Dummies

Discussion in 'Common Faults and Questions' started by The Mad Hat Man, Sep 10, 2007.

By The Mad Hat Man on Sep 10, 2007 at 7:54 AM
  1. The Mad Hat Man

    The Mad Hat Man Well-Known Member LZIR Despatch Agent

    Sep 11, 2005
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    Embasinga stocæ
    1) Sign up at any photo hosting website (ie: Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket)
    2) Once you have an account, follow the link to upload pictures.
    3) Once a picture is uploaded, you will see a link is provided beside the IMG field below the picture (that's why I like photobucket cause they have the link below the picture, hence, not all photo host provide that.)
    4) Copy the link and paste it on the message like


    the second [IMG] should have a / before the IMG. It's taken out purposely for demonsration. With the / you will get this:

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Discussion in 'Common Faults and Questions' started by The Mad Hat Man, Sep 10, 2007.

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    1. Vagrent
      A member messaged me on how to upload photos in ya posts, so I sent him this, and since it took an age to do I thought I'd post it on LZ if anyone else was wondering how to post photos.
      Pleas if there is anything I have missed or a better way of doing it please correct me, this is just the way I do it:D:D

      I use chrome now as I find it far better than Firefox, so most of them shots are from Chrome.

      Uploading photos from your computer is fairly straightforward.
      1. click manage attachments.
      2. Choose File.
      3. Choose where your photos are. Ie. 'my documents'
      4. Where you photos are located, ie 'My Pictures'
      5. Click 'open'.
      6. Click 'Upload'

      That is files direct from ya puter.

      Next one which I use a lot is : Photo bucket Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

      Upload your photos to here and then you can ma[​IMG]ke a Picture appear on your post here is how. This process will work on any photo on the internet:D

      Upon finding an image you like on the net (Photo bucket has a 'direct link') all you need to do is 'Right Click' the image and then 'copy image location' or 'copy image URL' (If using Google chrome) If using explorer its slightly different, but same principles.

      1 Right click the image. 'Copy image url' for chrome.
      (Xplorer is different explained in photo3)

      Once copied the URL you then need to paste it on ya post, like this


      For photo bucket do this.:D then paste in the same way as photo4

      Hope that helps:D:D

      Oh and copying the screen on your computer:D:D That is a sercet;);):lol:
    2. The Mad Hat Man
      The Mad Hat Man
      erm - why not use the write up in the FAQ section? Its been there for years?
    3. Vagrent


      Din't look there:lol:

      It there now anorl, no way anyone can miss it now:lol:
    4. The Mad Hat Man
      The Mad Hat Man
      I will ask a mod to combine both posts - to make it a comprehensive writeup
    5. Vagrent

      Nice one:D:D
    6. Hippo
      You've posted this in the wrong place. Yer dufus.
    7. Vagrent
      I know:rolleyes:

      Pesky varmint:lol:
    8. Brian Glass
      Brian Glass
      Hi all is this the place to try to get help in sorting out a problem with p 38(whining transmission)
    9. Vagrent
      Try the range rover section :doh::doh::lol:
    10. The Mad Hat Man
      The Mad Hat Man
      A Fred entitled "Posting images on landyzone" - yup - sounds just the place :doh:
    11. Vagrent

    12. Al2O3
      A long time ago I realised that pictures I put on Landyzone could allow anyone looking at them to access my Photobucket account and all of my pictures. So I made my photobucket private. It's 'public' by default. My pictures still would take you back to my Photobucket account though and I thought this was strange, so I started a bit of investigating last night. And there is another feature called 'link back'. I checked a few other folks pictures on Landyzone and some people have set their accounts to private and some have not. If you haven't, anyone can look through all of the pictures on your Photo bucket account.

      Here is a a quick guide to get you started sorting it out if you haven't already.

      Open your settings. This appears when you put your mouse over the head icon.

      When you open settings click on the Albums tab.

      Then scroll down to the 'Link Back Option'. This will have a tick in it. Click to remove the tick and then hit the save button at the bottom. It is this feature that allows any picture you have posted to link the viewer back to your whole account.

      If your account isn't private, go to the privacy tab and scroll all the way to the bottom and click on Make All Private and then save again.

      If you want to make an individual album public, you can do this from the main Library screen. Each of your albums will now have a padlock to the right of the album name.
      You can see my Halle Berry album has the private padlock symbol
      If I wanted to share those pictures with the world, then I could click on the padlock and it would give me some options to make it public, password protected etc.

      There are more help files all the way down at the bottom of the Photobucket page.

      I hope this is useful to some of you. I've just found most of this out over the last few days and I'm sure there will be people reading this who can add more.

      I should imagine most social media sites have your details public by default, so if you use another site you may want to check it too.
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