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  • With this info and the number of Instrument Clusters being sold on line I went ahead and fitted this used Instrument Cluster, the milage stayed the same (151000) and all instruments had movement with car lights, information screen radio etc working, but car would not start.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.
    Bought a 2008 Range Rover L322 recently and replaced the Instrument Cluster as the Pixel readouts were poor with a used Breakers yard Instrument Cluster with the exact same part numbers and after confirming with the Breakers yard that it had less than the 151000 miles on the original and he knew of no problems with the car not starting.
    Continued, New compressor and relay fitted along with new air tank. Fuse 57 ok. Any suggestions most welcome, many thanks in advance diverivor.
    Hi Saint, another member (kds) put me onto you as the guru for L322, hope you can assist. I have a 2006 L322 with suspension issues. New compressor and air tank installed. Both up and down lights on control panel light up at same time, but switch off as soon as engine is started. Have to clear code for them to light again. Did lock to lock to reset but didn’t help.
    Hello Saint, everyone refers to you as the guru... Do you have time for me to pick your brain about a 2004 range Rover Petro L322 auto?
    Hi saint. Long time ago. Now it`s L322 td6 time again. Have a quest. Have a sas that not will calibrate. Will get a brand new one. Does this need to be coded before calibrtion? Can i put it on a drive meanwhile?
    Saint ..You being a guru and all ..could you tell me which MAF sensor is classed as B on a 2010 3.6 V8..
    Ant, for the love of me I cannot find my water pump locking spanner I made from your drawing. Nor can I find your drawing !!! what are the hole centres and sizes please.
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