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Just Moved To Belgium... Where Do I Get My Landy Fix???

Discussion in 'Belgium' started by Rhino LR 110, Nov 25, 2019.

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  1. Rhino LR 110

    Rhino LR 110 Member

    Jan 2, 2018
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    I see this is a little light so not expecting much, but having just moved to Belgium from the UK where people in this South Belgium/ France get their bits and bobs?
    • Landy specific parts
    • General tools
    • Heavy duty garage tools (i.e. engine crane and 3 tonne press are currently on my list)
    • Off roading/ green lining/ unpaved roads
    • Landy/ 4x4 shows
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  2. dieseldog69

    dieseldog69 Well-Known Member LZIR Despatch Agent

    May 21, 2010
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    Back in the UK, Sunny Hampshire.
    You want to be looking up Dutch All Terrain Events (DATE) on the facebook for off road events, Land Rover Owners Club Belgium (LROCB website and forum) is still going and you can get in there, they don't mind if you post in English and they have loads of green laning days as well as meet ups too, X-Rover forum id a boon of info and Belgium based and orientated also, great fellas in there. I highly recommend Off Road Budel, it's a three day event held annually with off road course and road book with hundreds of stalls and a second hand parts market, be warned and take this from my personal experience, do the road book on the second day and the off road course too, the first day will shred your suspension and bushings lol by day 2 the edges have been knocked off and it's not so severe lol.

    For parts you should look for Trekk in Landen, Roosberg http://www.trekk-4x4.be/ and look for British Land Rover Parts too https://britishlandroverparts.be/ Joachim is incredibly helpful and good prices too, if you like a drive out then go find Sons 4X4 in Sint Oedenrode, Koen Van Happerts there will hook you up with what ever you need!!! http://www.sons4x4.nl/index.html

    Tools is something else, I used to get a lot of stuff in the Auto5 and Brico, there are hundreds of small shops, I used to like a trip up to see some fellas in Holland for my stuff and found loads of small garage tool shops and one we used to love visiting was Van Carnenbroek in a place called Budel.

    Hope that is of some help.
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