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  • On a side not here sierrafery I see your location is a Arad is this correct and is it Romania, don’t panic I’m not a stocker lol I drive from uk to Bulgaria a few times a year sometimes through romania sometimes Serbia so if you need any parts brought down let me know
    Hi Sierrafery, I have a TD5 with drivers front electrical window problem.
    I read your old posts on this however today spent going through your suggestions.
    Pop switches out of centre console , used my metre on N/S window which is currently working, when test O/S window I had the same reading.
    Checked wiring in between door... all good, checked fuses, can hear relays working etc.... any help advice much appreciated
    Hi there, I've been pointed in your direction as I believe you're a Nanocom guru when it comes to the TD5 engine. Another member has said you have listed common parameters re the TD5 on a thread on here, could you point me in the direction of this? Any help massively appreciated!
    Hi Sierra, just wondering if you can help, I have a flashing B in the odemeter and reading your post looks like the BCU is faulty,if you have any info that you could send me on what to look for or swap, would be helpful
    any help appreciated
    I mentioned the XYZ switch replacement as assumed should last more than 4-5 years without failing, maybe not!!
    Upon replacing fuse, it instantly blew again when ignition turned on. So now have no brake or reverse lights. Car engages in reverse ok with no warning lights & dives ok. Any thoughts please? Many thanks
    Did wonder if this was a problem brewing & when next used this did not happen but then neither did wiper come on when in reverse. Next, the reverse lights stopped working along with brake lights. Checked fuse 25 & this had blown. Pt3 to follow
    Hi Sierrafery, would really appreciate your opinion on a problem I have with my 03 D2 auto.
    I have had the car for about 5yrs & one of the first jobs was XYZ switch replacement after frequent flashing ms lights. Anyway, was driving recently when noticed rear wiper had come on as would when in reverse but I was driving forwards. Pt2 to follow
    Hello Sierraferry, would be great if you can advise.....quick yes or no...will a second-hand ignition barrel & keys work in my D2 Td5 1999 which has had a cheapo barrel & keys fitted and doesn't turn the starter? Starter motor works with wire from spade terminal to batt pos. I've got the complete column from a Td5 I broke a while back. Many thanks!
    Hi Sierrafery,

    Travelling to Greece via Romania soon. Your location is West of Transylvania so will pass you somewhere. You have given help and guidance on this forum which have helped me.I would like to offer you a courier service from the UK. Not axles or the like but could carry most things . If offer is of any use let me know. Thank you for the great info you have provided. Regards
    can you help please, my disco has the M & S lights flashing when starting from cold

    How could I download the workshop manual.
    Can you help me to get a workshop manual for my Disco 2 (2004), I have tried various downloads but none work for me.
    Hi, post the problem on the open forum cos i'm not doing these kind of things in private as i can be wrong and there's nobody to correct me... but if you see the gauge rising from the middle that's the reason for the power loss cos the ECM reduces fueling as it enters overheat protection mode... also the gauge leaves the middle at 120*C which means if it happened not once the injector seals are affected, check the oil if it doesnt smell like diesel... i'm not gonna answer again in private to this issue
    Good day I need your help please. This week I ran out of lucky when my land rover discovery 2 td5 2000 model ran out of diesel, I had to fuel it and it with 10 liters then another 20 liters of diesel at the garage. Then after driving for almost 60 km it started choking and I suspected the fuel filter was blocked so I quickly bought one changed the old one and everything seemed to be back to normal again. The problem started again but this time it was when approaching an incline it would start doing the following:
    [*]The car start vibrating to the extend everyone in the car can feel the shaking
    [*]It loses power on incline you hardly push it over 80km/hr no matter how hard you press the accelerator that does change anything
    [*]The fuel consumption is high
    [*]On incline you can see an increase on the temperature gauge But on a level or flat road you can reach 120km/hr with 2600 revs
    Hi Sierrafery, Thanks for your help on the wastegate thread. I got it sorted in the end.

    Turned out it was the injector seals, must have been causing some sort of blow back through the engine. I had replaced them about 6 months ago, but didnt use genuine parts, Britpart failed again

    Anyway, lesson learned, no more spurios parts for me, they really arent worth it.

    Thanks again,

    hello sierrafery,i am converting a nas disco2 v8 to a question is ,will the nas bcu work with the td5 ecu?also i have the the matching bcu for the td5 ecu,and key fob but the immoblizer will not shut off. what are my options
    Ok, I guess I'll ask around on our private indies forum,see if anyone has one on the shelf I can borrow.
    Kind regards, Jon.
    Hi there,I noticed a little while ago you mentioned a friend was using a v8 EAT ecu in his TD5 DII. Can you enlighten me as to the changes it brings please ? My own DII TD5 is making plenty of power/torque with a remap,but the gearbox ecu does not seem to want to make best use of what is available.I've done my own research into having the EAT ecu altered and found it to be an expensive route - the v8 ECU would be a far cheaper route if there are improvements to be had...
    Kind regards, Jon.
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