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Sep 14, 2021
Jan 21, 2006
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Well-Known Member, in UK.

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Sep 14, 2021
    1. lodge22
      Hello, I'm a mate of Ratty and he said I should message you. My transfer box needs replacing in my 96' 300tdi 90 and I'm wanting to replace it with a discovery box. Do you have a disco transfer box knocking about or do you know someone who does?
      Thanks in advance,
    2. sierrafery
      hi, i didnt drive it also as i have manual i dunno the auto's normal behaviour neither but he's very plesased, it seems that the shift controll is improved and locks up better... there ia a guy in the d2boys club too who has this mod and he dont want to go back to original...imo the best is to borrow a v8 ecu if you can and test it on your car, i'm sure you'll feel better the difference
    3. paulrbarnard
      Hi there eightinavee. I'm based in Radstock and have a bit of a problem. I used to use LandroversUK for my servicing and they stopped doing it a few years ago. Then I found a couple of guys in Mells that did it for a couple of years but they were closed up the last time I visited. I now have a couple of oil leaks and a nasty grinding noise that need fixing on my 300TDi 110 CSW. I'm going to be out of the country for a week or two and wanted to try to drop it in somewhere this week to have everything sorted along with oil changes etc while I am away. Is this something you could do? or can you point me in the direction of a mechanic in the area who knows what they are doing with a Defender. Many thanks Paul
    4. wolf
      Hi eightinavee;

      Wanted to know how you were doing and if you had any new V8 ideas happening?

    5. longclose
      Hi Looking at doing an overland trip in a 1999 Disco TD5 auto, want to upgrade the ECU to the later NNW from the MSC. I understand there are problems with the T4 but want to use the Nanocom if possible. Is this something you have successfully done?

      Also would like to look at a light remap to improve the power at the same time, could you help here?

      Thanks in advance...

      Hope you can help..
    6. Freddie-M
      Hi eightinavee, Big probs with a 4.6 Thor. It's in with Simon at Swindon 4x4 and he can't find why it has a flat spot. Started a thread on the forum but no joy there. It went in with a misfire/rough running. Eventually cured the misfire (coil pack, leads, O2 sensors replaced) but it now has a horrible flat spot. Techmate says everything is ok. Any ideas from "the guru"? (Simon is now on holiday and I really need to get the car back running) Cheers Paul
    7. robp38
      hi 8

      been advised to ask you, by rewmer, coz you considered a guru with all things P38. mine is a 2000 4.6 vogue head gasket blew on air side N/S bank O/S bank gasket looked ok aprt from a few water marks across the back two cylinders, done these had 8 thou taken off both heads, put it all back together and she started first turn of the key, great thought I, drove from bideford to exeter no problems eventhe lpg worked well, coming back she started losing power on gas, back to petrol ran fine, next day she she starts fine but wont rev properly like its stuttering when cold, once it warms up it drives fine upto 50mph but wont kick down, changed plugs n leads no difference, if it was an old carb engine i would say its sucking in air somewhere under load, but cant find anything,, can you please help before the wife gets the matches n petrol out

    8. TAKdriver
      Don't know whether to address you as Mr.8 or Mr.V but discomania and charlesy ( buddies) directed me to you for advice.
      Rangie Diesel 2.5 1997 : brake light & ASB light staying on. I posted a thread for advice detailing what Faultmate had thrown up basically all sensors showing "short to battery."
      I've had a look at the circuit on Rave and WD40'd Earth + connectors (WD40 being limit of my ability).
      Any advice on where to look would be appreciated.
    9. jonny427
      Hi thanks for the reply

      atb Jon
    10. wolf
      Hi eightinavee;

      Its been a while but I wanted to chceck in with you and see how you are doing

    11. zedrex
      Ello Eightinavee,

      My names Pete, live in NZ and havin a bit of a head scratcher issue with my 87 RRC EFi, which I'm hoping you may be able to shed some light on (massive apologies, I see you do this for a living so your probably over it! Blame oil dripper, he pointed me in your direction!!)

      I've posted a q on the forum here: http://www.landyzone.co.uk/lz/f10/87-rrc-efi-auto-cuts-out-around-right-handers-uphills-4000rpm-73639.html

      I've checked the obvious, ignition connections, fuel filter(renewed) fuel pump seems to be working fine albeit a bit noisy. Not having access to readily available s/h spares makes swap out of components almost impossible so am hoping you might be able to give me some definitive answers as to what this problem might be.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give me
    12. trash
      Looks like a good un, although I thought them 225 were supposed to be pretty meaty is the frame gonna cope?
    13. trash
      Hi 8inav, just noticed your avatar. Wot you building there ?
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