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Apr 25, 2007
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Sector 12 in Kent, The Garden of England
Ops Manager (Director) in security and fire
    1. Harry121
      Hi I’m looking at a 300tdi it’s very clean from what I can see People keep telling me don’t get one they always go wrong it’s a waste justwant some help as I’m so torn between getting one and just not bothering. Just wondering like how bad are they ? I probably will go off road but I’m not going to go silly. worried it’s going to cost an absolute fortune
      1. Shimsteriom
        Create a thread in the forum.
        Jan 7, 2021
    2. discool
      Hi mate, I saw your post but if u have head lamp levelling installed why would u need to look the non levelling ones? if you wish to have the same lamps as u have already what I would is remove a lamp and note the part number on the rear label the other side will be a similar but with a digit or two difference.

      I have a Rimmers parts book I post a link for that as that may help u.

    3. discodrivercumbria
      i have done a thread earlier today on Facelift headlights, do you know which is which, and what means what, cos it's baffled me!

    4. Freddie Horsfield
      Freddie Horsfield
      Discool .
      I have a disco 1 with a starting problem , i have all the lights on the pannel and when i try to start i get nothing - not a peep, i have pulled all the radio pannel out but cannot find an immobiliser. I think you are correct in what you posted. Could you give me any clues as to solving it.
      Much obliged
      Freddie Horsfield.
    5. another forum
      another forum
      hi discool.ive been looking at the subwoofer lead you made.the question is,i have the correct phono cable.taking one cable,i strip the insulation from the core and twist together both sets of wires and solder to form one wire to solder it to a terminal?.repeat with the other.Is this correct.many thanks in advance.Ade
    6. discool
      Hi farmer giles, firstly sorry i didn't return your pm but i didn't see the notification so i'm sure u are up and running by now., anyway 200 immobliser is a manual system so when you unlock you remobilise the engine the system is a lot different from the advanced 300 system if you can grank the engine then it not the problem your ignition switch may have a problem who knows perhapes you can now tell me.
      Best regards
    7. farmergiles2011
      hi discool,

      i have a 93 200tdi discovery,i put the key in the ignition and the lights come up on the dash as per normal, but when turning the key to start nothing happens.
      can i bypass the immobiliser or do you have any other suggestions??

      many thanks

      farmer giles
    8. WolfyDave
      Hello mate....Have put pics on of my new baby after a good bath and scrub up
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    Sector 12 in Kent, The Garden of England
    Ops Manager (Director) in security and fire
    Current Landrover:
    1997 Discovery V8 ES..
    Previously for 10 years: 1987 Range-Rover Vogue Efi.
    Previously for 2 years 1985 TVR 350i manual.
    Dream Landrover?:
    I've no need for a Land Rover


    STAY FROSTY & USE LOGIC ON DIFFICULT JOBS - Get someone else to do it.

    1997 Discovery ES V8 auto.
    Previously for 10 years: 1987 Range-Rover Vogue Efi auto.
    Previously for 2 years 1985 TVR-350i manual.