Stores/dealers with international shipping

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Hi everybody!

New here, and I already have a question or two 😄

I bought a FL 1 last year, and, aside from a stuck brake caliper, cracked coolant overflow bottle and non-working radiator fan, it's been running great.

However, I noticed a "whoosing" sound coming from rear while driving. Changing the rear diff oil (grey sludge, really) didn't help, and upon closer inspection it looks like the rubber on the damper/bearing next to the VCU is completely cracked. And that leads me to my question:

Any stores or dealers with international shipping? I'd like to go with a refurbished VCU from Bell Engineering, but they only ship to the UK.

The suggestion from @Graculus sounds like a good option for something specific like a Bells VCU.

Most of the main LR part suppliers will ship internationally though.

My go tos are LRDirect and Rimmers and parts are still better priced with shipping and much much choice (often from a choice of 0) than purchasing locally.
Incidentally, if you mean the bearing is shot, then it needs replacing, but if its the damper bolted to the VCU, then that can simply be removed.
Yep, the damper is completely cracked (the rubber part). I assume it is necessary for the correct working of the VCU, or am I mistaken?