Freelander 1 Rear axle noise

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I recently bought a 2003 freelander td4 with 240k km.
Its past life was rough , there was growing grass on the carpets and i find a mouse nest on the roof behind the lights lol.
So there is a lot of work on it even if i already do multiple things , thanks to this forum ive found a lot a good information !

I am now trying to fix the transmition noises
I do have change the two VCU bearing and also fill it with silicon oil , now its way quieter.
But when driving it in 2WD mode i notice noises from the rear side so i think its come from diff , wheel bearing or brakes.
So i lift the rear wheels off the ground to test it , first of all it turn freely but i hear rubbing brake noise but the brake lining is thick enough and the caliper isnt block so what should i look for ? is there some adjustments here ?
I put the bells off and now i clearly hear a bearing noise but its hard to know if it come from wheel bearing or from the diff itself.
I decide to put the shafts off but here is the main problem , i take it off the wheel side easily but its stuck into the diff , is it supposed to go off freely or did i miss a thing ? it moove a litle bit aprox 5mm , should i knock it harder with a hammer ?
Is there somewhere a guide on how to change bearing inside the diff ?

I also notice that all the silenblock are stuck , arms cant turn it just bend the rubber in it and go back to its original position is it normal or i need to replace them all ?
Ok i solved my problems by myself
I was expecting a good silenblock could turn but after some research now i know thats exactly what its souldn't do.
I found clearance in the two bearing wheels i think thats why it was little friction on the brakes.
These still a noise in the diff when i turn it by hand , i don't really know if its a "normal" gear noise or if the diff is faulty but now that the entire rear axle is disasemble i will check it out , i've found a good video on how to :