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Repairing military spec lights

Discussion in '101's and Military' started by fsmr, Apr 11, 2018.

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  1. fsmr

    fsmr Member

    Feb 9, 2007
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    Oakham Rutland
    Hi all just sharing a repair i have just done and also carried out previously on my series military fish eye (NATO) lights.
    The issue i had was the spring contacts on the stop/tail had corroded and lost tension. easy repair
    After unscrewing the lens, the inner metal holder can be prised out of the inside of the rubber case, just take the gland screw off so the cable can be pushed in, once the holder is far enough out the boot, you can detach the bullets from the holder (note colours)
    With holder out, you need to work a small driver into the end where the plastic part is retained by metal curved over so you can then pull the plastic part with terminals out
    once released you can then access the terminals. The contact has a tab on top flip off and under the end of the pin is split and bent over a small washer to retain the spring. Bend pins straight and pin can be withdrawn and old spring removed. I find a biro spring cut down to give correct tension and size is ideal. Then just a case of putting washer back over spring and insulator and bend pin tabs back to retain. I also drop a blob of solder on for contacts. then put back intro steel holder and bend metalwork back over to retain plastic and refit holder in rubber bot. I have used LED stop/tail lamps from Halfords which work great and cut down load Pics enclosed

    Tabs need bending straight to release washer. This is one of the contacts with the lamp

    View of contacts with springs and insulator above

    Top of the holder showing metal retaining lip bent up to allow plastic insert to be extracted from metal holder

    Metal lamp holder, this sits inside the rubber boot. I will clean up the metal and repaint where galvanised coating has gone

    With LED lamp fitted

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