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Rave disk maintenance manual

Discussion in 'Technical Archive' started by Hippo, Jun 25, 2014.

By Hippo on Jun 25, 2014 at 10:00 PM
  1. Hippo

    Hippo Lord Hippo

    Nov 22, 2007
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    I'm putting this ere so I can link to it.

    This post provides links to download the rave disk for free. Free as in you don't pay for it. There are a number of people selling the same free rave disk on e.bay. Don't be fooled by their advertising. They're charging you for the same information you get here for free.

    There's a number of rave disks available from the links below which cover the repair of Land Rover products.
    These are free to download.

    It looks like www.myrangerover.co.uk is now back up and running so the link below points to that site where the downloads are available for free. Sadly myrangerover randomly stops working. If this happens use the links below to download rave.

    Click on the links to open the download screen - slow to open but they do work:

    http://www.myrangerover.co.uk/rave-workshop-manual/ (may randomly stop working)

    rave01 = 624meg
    rave02 = 476meg
    rave03 = 432meg

    Or click on links below. A "save as" option will appear:

    rave01 = rave01 = Discovery 2, Freelander 1 (2001 onwards) 1.8 / Td4 / v6
    rave02 = rave02 = Range Rover P38 and L322, Defender (up to 2002) 200/300tdi and v8
    rave03 = rave03 = Range Rover classic tdi/v8, Discovery 1995 onwards mpi/Tdi/v8, Freelander 1.8/L series

    The rave disks download as .iso image files. After downloading them you need to use 7-zip or winzip type programs to open them, to allow you to copy the rave folder out of the .iso image file.

    WinZip users:
    Download the .iso file to yer computer. Right click the .iso file on yer computer and select "extract to here" and it will create a new folder with the contents of the .iso file in it. Go into the new folder and double click the rave.exe application file to start using rave.

    7zip users:
    Download the .iso file to yer computer. Right click the .iso file on yer computer and select "extract here" and it will create a new folder with the contents of the .iso file in it. Go into the new folder and double click the rave.exe application file to start using rave.

    You can also download the rave disk as separate pdf files ere: stopped working!

    For Freelander 2 manuals you need to look ere: Freelander 2 repair and maintenance manual

    Online parts lists:

    Land Rover parts (lrcat.com) If you select the new 2015 catalogue, next choose yer vehicle then it will drop to a selection of squares. From here you select the area yer interested in. You may have difficulty opening these squares. Hover the mouse just to the left of the capital letter in the top left of the square to find the link to click on to enter that square.

    Parts catalogue = Allbrit Land Rover Parts

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Discussion in 'Technical Archive' started by Hippo, Jun 25, 2014.

    1. GrumpyGel
      Looks like all the Rave links no longer work!
      Hippo likes this.
    2. baddonut
      Hi Hippo and co
      got the rave manuals and opened but missing all sections of interest to me like the repair fuel system diesel and other TD4 sections.
      Anyone have any ideas they will be most welcome as have a freelander td4 2005 in bits and need some tech info!!
    3. GrumpyGel
      I don't know where you got your Rave manual from and whether it is 'original' - ie an ISO image with all the necessary files. Some downloads are converted to stand alone PDFs and may not have everything copied over correctly. I believe this is the last Rave manual produced for Freelander....


      This only works on Windows and you need software to open the file and show it as a drive letter (eg E: ). I use "Virtual CloneDrive". When you open the file it shows it as a drive letter (like your hard drive is shown as C: ) in Windows Explorer. You can click into it and the Rave directory - then run Rave.exe - it gives you a front end menu to the various documents.
    4. baddonut
    5. neilly
      Hi Baddoit,

      You can also try this link, different website, but looks to be same info as Hippo gave in his first post, So maybe it is not corrupt if his original file is.


    6. Hippo
      rave01 covers the FL1 Td4. That's all there is for the Td4
      Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
    7. GrumpyGel
      The rave2000.iso on my site covers TD4, K Series and KV6. There's a rave97.iso also on my site that's for the early K & L Series cars.
    8. Hippo
      I think you'll find the rave's your giving out are the same as those above. There's only 3 versions, with contents as per the first post. The individual rave files available are just pdf's of the original raves, in separate files. Those in the top post came from myrangerover but that site was down for some time. They're the originals, same as the green oval site which disappeared for over a year at one point.
    9. GrumpyGel
      That's why I put them on my site - because they were always disappearing!
    10. baddonut
      Hi Hippo and GrumpyGel. cheers guys, good efforts. The link Grumpygel sent worked and got the full Rave. Took some effort to get the clone drive prog working on my windows laptop but success. Cheers now!!
    11. The Mad Hat Man
    12. Dave 2000
      Dave 2000
      Hi, downloaded the link for the Rave Freelander (thank you), however it is not working on my android tablet?

      Downloaded winzip but this does not extract, so tried winrar and this did extract but when I try Rave exe or any other files, I get the error message 'encrypted file'?

      I just need a wiring diagram to trace a fault causing a fuse to blow when braking a Freelander V6.

      Any ideas?



    13. neilly
      I think you will find it will not work as it would on a windows laptop, one way to get around it, but it does not work the exact same way, as internal links will not work. Is to print it as a pdf once opened on a laptop and save it like that.

    14. Dave 2000
      Dave 2000
      Hi and thanks for that, I was not sure, I will try it on my laptop later.