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How much have you spent on your Freelander?

Discussion in 'Land Rover Freelander' started by duncanpage4, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. duncanpage4

    duncanpage4 Active Member

    Oct 22, 2013
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    East Sussex
    I thought it would be interesting to dig out all my receipts for things I've spent on my Freelander Td4 since I bought it in October 2013.
    Definitely wasn't expecting this!!:

    Freelander Td4 (2001) £1,595.00
    K&N air filter £38.48
    BMW M47 cyclone crankcase oil breather/separator £25.33
    2" lift kit £155.00
    Monroe camber bolts £22.50
    Tracking & camber laser set £41.99
    Pioneer iPod compatible stereo £200.00
    200W 3-way speakers front & rear £150.00
    Steering wheel stalk adaptor £19.64
    Rear window tints 70% £44.99
    EGR valve blank kit £27.99
    77Ah heavy duty battery (760cca) £75.79
    Rear door plastic membrane £2.00
    Front aero wipers £4.04
    Bearmach rear wiper blade £4.49
    Mintex front brake pads £26.28
    Front calliper piston repair kit £34.90
    Pedal rubber kit £5.65
    Brake pad fitting kit £14.09
    Starter motor plunger & contact kit £16.10
    Window wind deflectors £29.99
    Synergy RonBox tuning chip £186.50
    3 position tuning box switch £21.50
    Bearmach rear diff mount £12.39
    Bearmach ABS reluctor rings £9.95
    Anti-roll bar Poly Bush Kit £18.82
    Rear tow bar step £20.00
    4 ton manual recovery winch £22.99
    Land Rover spot light button £20.00
    Front & rear light guards £30.00
    Chequer plate front sump guard £33.50
    Rear diff oil change £4.43
    Roof light bar £5.00
    Spotlight 5 way connector terminals £27.87
    4x 55w roof lights & grills £72.00
    Smoked side indicators £13.95
    Polyurethane gear linkage bushes £19.50
    Hell stainless steel brake lines £79.80
    FBH missile style toggle switch £2.65
    Bosch rear brake cylinders £17.98
    Gloss black callipers & drums £26.67
    IRD oil change £5.22
    Gearbox oil change £17.98
    Bearmach oil filter £8.95
    Bearmach VCU bearings £43.00
    USB socket in glovebox £2.26
    USB socket in centre console £2.27
    Bearmach Universal Joints x3 £15.63
    Borg & Beck 3-1 clutch kit £116.89
    Luk Dual Mass Flywheel £310.33
    Bell Engineering VCU £215.00
    Bearmach drive shaft cv boot £7.50
    Bearmach front hub nuts £7.90
    Gear lever gaiter £9.95
    Land Rover gear linkages £105.00
    Land Rover roof bars £41.88
    Sunroof Bag pins £9.44
    Slave cylinder, Pressure plate & Release Bearing £34.50
    Master cylinder £54.93
    Expansion tank cap £0.99
    Sill trim clips £7.50
    ABS speed sensor £13.49
    Pollen filter £6.59
    Air Conditioning Re-gas £49.00
    29.5” spare wheel cover £14.75
    205/80/16 A/T tyres £416.50
    Total £4,697.20

    Guess I'll be keeping it for a while!!!!!
  2. tincan

    tincan Active Member

    Aug 1, 2008
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  3. Winu

    Winu Active Member

    Oct 27, 2012
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    Lol, Junior Level :D:D
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2014
  4. teddywood1

    teddywood1 Well-Known Member

    Jul 7, 2011
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    I paid about £9800 for my 2006 Hse td4 auto two and half years ago
    plus side steps £45 second hand
    plus A frame £ 160
    plus new KC light for it and £220
    4 new Michelins latitudes £640
    and just paid out £100 for some Hella 3000
    and £54 for stone guards for the Hella's
    plus bit and bobs
    without serviceing
    around £11000
  5. Winu

    Winu Active Member

    Oct 27, 2012
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    L-series is £18000 for now (mainly in last 2 years) + purchase price for it in 11.2008 -> £4800
    Suspension, Rollcage, Roof rack, Ladder, side steps, under body protection , wheels and tires, upholstery, winch stuff from SES88 , Bling Stuff from SES88, IRD, VCU, Engine service and mods, aux lights, aux electrics, blah blah blah...

    Td4 is £4700 for now + purchase price for it in 09.2014 -> £3200
    Got it for short period of time (3 months), so only startup things in engine, and new clutch for now. [/img]

    I don't post all stuff separately because it will take about 10 pages
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2014
  6. Hippo

    Hippo Lord Hippo

    Nov 22, 2007
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    About £7k in 10 years which includes a replacement auto gearbox and 3 main dealer services.
  7. GrumpyGel

    GrumpyGel Well-Known Member Full Member

    Oct 31, 2013
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    Christchurch, New Zealand
    '99 L Series bought for $7,200 in 2010
    ABS modulator $400
    IRD Rebuild Kit $300
    Fitting of Rebuild Kit $500
    Belts Changed $1,000
    Rubber Mats $100
    Total $9,500 at $2 = 1£

    Plus filters, oil, pads.
    Plus WOFs (MOTs) of about $300.
    Plus fuel of probably about $6,000.
    Plus RUC Tax of $3,500
    Plus Licensing Tax of $2,300.
    Total Pluses $12,100 + Servicing.
  8. htr

    htr Well-Known Member

    Mar 21, 2014
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    Central Otago, Southern New Zealand
    I recall Danielsand mentioning that to work out the cost of ownership we should add up the costs including purchase but excluding fuel... - then dividing it by the months owned. I'm rather frightened to see what mine has cost so far!

    They may equal or pass the payment on a new car!
  9. colinco

    colinco Member

    Nov 13, 2014
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    near bluewater kent.
    ive spent.............. wait for it..................
    £26.47. on new wipers and a bulb.
    plus purchase price £1800
    in the last month.
    Oh and about £100 worth of fuel.:car:

    Oh and i will sort out some pictures soon
  10. Nodge68

    Nodge68 Well-Known Member

    Nov 15, 2011
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    Near Newquay
    All of my Freelanders have cost pocket money compared to my current Discovery 3!!
    Performance on and off road are in a different league to the Freelander 1 but so are the maintenance costs.

    My last Freelander V6 was something like this.
    2001 38500 miles V6 with a cooked engine cost £800.
    A replacement 70K mile engine was £300.
    I spent £150 on service items and gaskets to fit the engine.
    Gearbox fluid flush was £50
    4 Yokohama AT-s tyres were £280.
    Then I needed a fuel pump at £85.
    Servicing and mot tests for 3 years were around £200.

    In all under £1700. Not a lot for 3 years reliable use and around 20 K miles.
  11. Brack

    Brack Well-Known Member

    May 19, 2012
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    North East
    About a grand over the price of the car in two and a half years, includes labour where I cant DIY.

    Car cost £850

    Tailgate regulator, exhaust, drop links, discs n pads, prt stat, header tank, handbrake cables, first gear switch, gear lever gaiter, diff mounts, fuel filter, roof sensor for the alarm.....the usual really :)
  12. jezzertd4

    jezzertd4 Member

    Sep 27, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Cupar, Fife, Scotland
    02 TD4 3 Door - 92k at purchase now 112k (18 months) :p
    £1895 Purchase Price (included Clutch and battery)

    Alternator £145 (inc fitting)
    Starter Motor £98 (inc fitting)
    Crankcase Filter £110 (inc fitting)
    EGR Bypass £35 (fitted myself)
    Silicon Hoses £88 (fitted myself)
    K&N Filter £38 (fitted myself)
    ARB Links £28 (fitted myself)
    2nd Hand VCU £89 & New VCU bearings £45 (inc fitting)
    Front lower Wishbones £170 (inc fitting)
    Front ARB Bushes £45(inc fitting)
    TDI-Tuning Box £92 (fitted myself)
    Front Discs and Pads £58 (fitted myself)
    Rear Drums and Pads £64 (Fitted myself)
    Front prop shaft Gaitor £44 (inc fitting)
    Low Profile rear Exhaust £109 (inc fitting)
    16” Alloys x 5 £109
    5mm Spacers £13
    x Budget Van Tyres £219 + Fitting approx £30
    Land Rover 3 door Roof Rails £115 (fitted myself)
    Leather Centre Arm Rest £45 (fitted myself)
    Pioneer Stereo & Speakers £105 (fitted myself)
    Leather Gear Stick Gaitors and New gear Knob £39¬
    Refurbished Lather Steering Wheel £49 (including Dies and Fitting)
    Mud Flaps (LR) 2nd Hand £33
    Rear Light Guards £39 (All - Fitted myself)
    Replacement Remote £42

    TOTAL £3,808
    Blimey didn’t realise it was that much! :rolleyes:

    But 20,000 miles 35mpg, 100% reliable apart from Alternator died! and now well sorted for a few years….. worked it out recently still works out less than 20p a mile? With depreciation……
    Not bad…………………….
  13. ZDomZ

    ZDomZ New Member

    Nov 13, 2013
    Likes Received:
    South Norfolk
    '99 1.8 k series 3 Dr (In case anyone has missed what mine is!)

    £175 purchase
    £135 headset & bolts, exhaust valves, timing belt and waterpump.
    £90 full exhaust
    £50 mot
    £50 prop bearings
    £foc prop
    £80 ird
    £60 gearbox
    £30 gear oils
    £50 driveshaft
    £9track rod end
    £100 window cables
    £50 another mot
    £5 antirollbar links

    So that's £984 on mechanical stuff

    £20 bonnet deflector
    £30 side bars
    £80 jeep wheels and tyres (including delivery)
    £25 towbar
    £10 window tinting film (lidls)! Lol
    £100 front bullbar bumper, fog lights and driving lights including wiring looms
    £18 rear lamp gaurds
    £25 front lamp guards
    £35 roof bars
    £foc roof light bar and lamps
    £foc led interior lamps
    £foc charcoal carpet

    Black Land Rover badges front, rear, wheel centres and valve caps were Xmas pressies.

    Pioneer stereo and upgraded speakers were from my stock pile! Dash am was a spare of my dads,

    So I think I am around £368 for upgrades.

    So all in I guess I could round it up from £1352 to £1400 to cover fuel for picking stuff up locally!

    I will have had it for 14 months this week..... £100 a week.

    I don't think that's bad, and I would more than that back if I sold it, (accessories separately of course)
  14. SES88

    SES88 Well-Known Member

    Jun 29, 2013
    Likes Received:
    North East
    £5300 for the car 2 years ago
    £950 clutch & smf
    £230 alternator
    £190 thermostat

    + approx £500 in servicing and the odd bush here and there as well as new front disks and pads a few weeks ago

    AT tyres £375
    Modulars £175
    Spacers £220
    Lift Kit £FREE
    Mantec Sump Guard £180 (i think)
    Mantec Exhaust Guard/Receiver Hitch £150

    Most of my mods have gone though, just got lift kit and mods/at's now

    If I sold it now privately I'd get about £3500-4000, got offered £2800 trade in for it on Friday, so still, not that bad in terms of costs!
  15. Morten 1

    Morten 1 Active Member

    Feb 25, 2013
    Likes Received:
    2001 1.8 5 doors.
    The list is to long to list, but app. £5700 in parts and labour, plus the price of the car £3000. £8700 in total. That's in almost 2 years of ownership.
    (I might add that the car still does not run.. )
  16. Danielsand

    Danielsand New Member

    Jun 17, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Transportation costs money (like everything else). New car payment + insurance will run about 500-1000 USD a month (depending on what one wants to drive). My wife's Hippo is cheap in comparison.

    Purchased for $1800, another one purchased for $2,200 (the first one needed the working engine, as you recall). Donor sold for $700 (effective cost of the replacement engine and Jatco box down to $1,500).

    Expansion bottle and cap (about 50 bucks, I forgot), set of windshield wipers (no more than $15), new thermostat and pipes (about $60), oil change about $50,......and that's it. Total about $3,500.-

    On the road for seven months now = $500 a month (plus insurance). But I think we'll have it on the road for at least another two years, which will bring the cost down to about $150 a month (including projected maintenance for the next two years).

    I'm hoping this engine/tranny combo will last for the next two years, and then I'll install the rebuild unit (which I'm working on as we speak), and run it for about five years after that. Total of about 10 years of ownership, with cost at less than $150 per month.

    Dishing out a monthly payment for a vehicle is not my game. With something like Hippo (or my L322), one can have many months of no expense whatsoever, and when something happens (which it will!),.....there is money in the "maintenance account".

    Example,.......my L322 didn't have ANY expenses in 11 months, and now I need to change the front shocks (should be here tomorrow). Bought brand new "replacements" (not OEM) for $450 for the pair. Since I'm not paying for labor, I don't care if they last less than 50% of the mileage the OEM would (and I don't have to tell you that OEMs are like $1,500 a PIECE! :eek:). Originals lasted for 64K miles. Replacements might last only 30K, but since I drive it about 10K a year, that's three years for $450.-! And if in three years I need to buy another set for $450.- I won't mind.

    So that's how I budget my transportation expenses, and it works for me.

    If I want a new Range Rover, I'd have to dish out about 80-90K in cash, or take a monthly payment of over $1,100.- with about 5K down. Crazy. 80K invested makes money, and dropped into a "new ride" wastes money! The choice is clear.

    And especially if one considers himself a "hobby mechanic" and likes to get dirty in the garage.
  17. RealBeale

    RealBeale Active Member

    May 3, 2008
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    Silver Td4.
    Initial cost as a cat C was £2800
    front bumper £100
    rear fuel pump £30
    VIC check £41
    Recon gearbox supplied and fitted including new clutch and slave cylinder £500 approx
    Bucket Seats £250
    Roll cage supplied/fitted £1200
    Lift kit supplied/fitted £180
    Wheels spacers £100
    Mantec sump guard s/h £100
    Light pod inc. lights and fitting £200 (before I bought the molds)
    Snorkel £150 (before I owned the molds)
    Engine Brace £120
    Allisport intercooler £450
    various hoses, stainless and silicone and induction kit £150
    Various consumables such as brakes, injectors, vortex filter, set of tyres, driveshafts etc £ ??? probably another £1000
    So around £7271 and a few hundred for labour on jobs I never did (read couldn't be bothered) myself.

    Attached Files:

  18. gareth123

    gareth123 Active Member

    Jan 29, 2013
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    Languedoc, France
    Ineresting thread!

    OK I dont have every single receipt but I know what the main expenses have been here in France

    1999 Frelander L series diesel
    Purchsae price January 2013 €3800
    VCU and support bearings Bells 255 pounds so around €325
    Diff bearing front mount €45
    New top end valves etc plus labour (timing belt slippe don motroway due to auxilliary belt breaking and bits finding theri way inside the timing cover - FREAKISH) €2800
    UJ joint propshaft GKN €40
    Serviceparts and oil €100
    2 tyres €200

    All work done at home except for top end rebuild.

    That makes €7310 or €317 per month, including purcahse price. Still need to fix the 3 amigos
  19. kernowsvenski

    kernowsvenski Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2013
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    05 plate TD4 HSE Auto, £7000 two(and a bit) years ago
    £1000 - Injectors + fuel filter
    £300 - Tyres
    £20 - Front wipers
    £25 - BMW filter
    £80 - Auto box oil change
    £60 - Magnatec engine oil change
    £40? - K&N (gift)
    £125 - 2nd hand Ron Box, tailgate window guard, genuine LR roof bars + side steps
    £750 - Insurance (total for three policies)
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2014
  20. carpman

    carpman Member

    Nov 4, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Mine has cost me so far..
    purchase £650.
    1 recon injector £105
    S.S. E.G.R. bypass £40
    B.M.W. P.C.V. £61
    4 General grabber A.T. £370 fitted
    Recon V.C.U. and bearings £310 fitted..
    Thats the story so far but the single injector hasn't really cured the tickover problem plus I'm changing Disc's pad's Drum's shoes e.t.c.
    I would still say that I'm in profit as the engine was changed under warranty @80,000 miles and the bodywork is immaculate so to buy her for £650 was a result for an 03 plate !!! :D:D
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