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Sep 18, 2015
Jun 29, 2013
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North East
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Sep 18, 2015
    1. Lee1983
      Hi mate, I know you get asked so many questions but do you have any more pics of the modulars on your car, I have some of the same ones but want to know if they would look better spaced out a bit? I know you had some 30mm spacers fitted with the modulars at one point but was it undrive-able? Don't know what to do mate...cheers Lee
    2. dwalsh1
      Hi Mate. Did you ever fit the 30mm spacers on your freelander and if so did it go well and what make spacers did you buy. I was thinking of fitting some myself. cheers...........dennis
    3. leeh1306
      hi mate have you got any of the freelander 40mm kits still availlable?
    4. doobreydog
      If you just got part message from me ignore ... will try later as my phone crap for typing
    5. RealBeale
      Yes I was trying to save money ! However, I know Lightweights like the back of my hand and figured that if I could buy a good'un cheap enough and local enough I could turn my investment into a very tidy profit. Currently Lightweight prices are steadily increasing.I've managed to aquire one for £1500 that is in excellent condition,never welded or in need of it, and had loads of prep work done. Biggest job needed is a paint job and I've done loads on Lightweights and still have all my painting equipment. Once done and ready to sell I reckon it should see the thick end of £4000, such is the condition. So investing £1500 and a couple of days for that sort of return is a no brainer. My only dilemma is whether to turn it round quickly and sell as soon as possible, or enjoy it over the spring/summer first........
    6. RealBeale
      Hi Simon.
      Hopefully I'll get that intake off to you in the next few days. Bloody things wrapped up ready to go and been in the back of the motor for 3 weeks now. Somehow something always manages to get in the way.Like buying a Lightweight !!God I'm stupid.................
    7. Martin2013
      Hi I'm looking to upgrade my freelander 1 suspension just for general off roading nothing extreme. What's the best kit ? Is it hard to fit ? And cost ? Any help would be great.
    8. judge12
      Hi just wondering does anybody make freelander TD4 fuel tank cradle????
    9. AaronSim
      Thanks for that, I will see you there at 1.
    10. AaronSim
      Ah right that sounds good to me. What time are you open until? Would 1pm be alright with you? Have you got a post code and a company name so I can find you.
    11. AaronSim
      Ah that's fair enough if there is no saving I will just buy it off eBay and get them delivered. It gives me time to get the camber bolts sorted, cheers any way.
    12. AaronSim
      Hey I am looking to buy one of you lift kits on eBay, I can see that you live in Northumberland , I am from Prudhoe and driving back up to Scotland on Sat and was wondering if I could pick the kit up on the way and save on postage costs.
    13. SES88
      I wouldn't try to bodge the existing cradle, as its only thin plate, and it needs to support the fuel tank itself.
      The cradle is something i'm working on, but could really do with having the part to work from to get the shapes of the tube bends right as obviously it has to fit between a few parts of the car.
    14. windycar
      Hello there. I've noticed that you were considering making the fuel tank cradles for a hippo a while back. I'm just wondering if this project ever came to fruition? M.O.T is due and doesn't look promising due to this piece of landrover crap. Feel free to contact me and let me know. It may well come down to hiring an arc welder and getting a self fix sorted cos I don't want to pay £300 for another load of rubbish. Cheers, Ian Davies (windycar)..
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    North East
    Company Director / Sheet Metal Worker / Slave to t
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    Freelander TD4 SE (x2)
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