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Nov 15, 2011
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Near Newquay


Well-Known Member, Male, in Near Newquay

    1. mudinuri
      Hi Nodge, Could you answer one more question re tyres.. I want to go slightly larger maybe 225/70/16 or 215/70/16 would these tyres fit without having to alter the vehicle at all? cheers Mudinuri
    2. mudinuri
      Hi, sorry to be a pain but I have just received a new Freelander1 automatic gear stick selector display UCC000020 but as usual I haven"t got a clue how to remove the wiring on the back of the old one. I"ve tried and tried but I don"t want to damage it Any ideas
    3. 131commando
      Hi Mate, seen as though You answer most questions posted here I decided to ask You direct hope You don't mind.
      My TD4 FL1 2006 freestyle temp gauge shows only 1/4 warm so I suspect the thermostat needs changing, why is it regarded as such a hard job as I can only see 5 torx type bolts holding the housing cap on is that it! is it as difficult a job as some make out to change ?
      Thanks in advance of Your answer, Alan.
    4. Spambunny
      Thanks for your help bud i owe you a.pint or 2 when im next in newquay
    5. mudinuri
      Sorry to be a pain but could you please give me some info. On the last MOT on my 2003 TD4 Auto I had 2 advisories regarding the Offside and Nearside Anti Roll Bar Linkeage Dust Covers. Are they easy to fit? And how would I go about doing it? I don"t have a garage so I will have to use the jack supplied with the car and then axle stands. Any help would really be appreciated.
    6. pmills63
      Hi Nodge 68

      Sorry to ask - but need help with the thread - re HP pressure regulator O rings. I've got to the HP pressure Regulator - -how do i fit the lower hard o-ring? - the old one broke taking off & can't figure out how to get the new one over the lip without breaking it too? Help!!! - so close!
    7. gstuart
    8. wicklow1
      Hello Nodge 68
      you seem a very knowledgeable fello on the freelander 1 power fold mirrors .i have fitted said mirrors i got from two different sources one came in and one came out and so they remain i cant synchronize, can you help me with that query please thank you
    9. andyfreelandy
      Hi, when you fit your £25 MAF I would suggest that you swap the clips from the original. New clips are weak and fall off when you fit them !! I've just done 500 miles on the weekend with my new MAF and not a foot wrong !
    10. lyndbo
      Tried the couple of blasts with the glow plugs,no good but get white smoke when turning over
    11. Andythedrum
    12. jnr
      Could it be the relay
    13. jnr
      Hi Nodge
      I have a freelander 1
      when i open my rear door the window does not go down slightly i have to push it down myself.
      any thoughts on how to fix this
    14. Nina27
      Hi, Having read the post below, and seeing the V6 logo, I guess you have one.
      I have a freelander 2.5 V6I on a 51 plate, with what seems to be the same issues as below.
      A couple of weeks ago, while doing the normal oil and water check, I noticed it was low on oil, and had no water. I topped up the oil and filled up with water and now have problems with the water side of things.
      1. temp gauge stays at normal all day long, but now on tick over seems to (after about an hour) bubble in the expansion tank as if one of the gaskets has gone.
      2. on checking over cooling system feel that I have bled the air out but still have bubbles in tank. But checking today noticed heat in the top end of the rad but bottom end of rad was cold.
      Looking on this forum and good old google, pointing towards radiator or stat, or are these a false indication and it is the head that has gone??
      In driving, it will go all day with temp at normal.....Please can you help or advise me as to where I go from here :)
    15. rmg24pro
      hey i have a question, i just have to be sure...
      i've just replaced my waterpump and thermostat, and radiator...
      After i;ve changed the water pump the car sounded good... then i noticed that the hoses build up pressure, kinda like a block in the system, hence i flushed it, and still over heats about 8miins holding accelerator on 1200rpm,,,, i noticed that the heatercore hoses are cool, not hot like the lower radiator hose, and the upper radiator hose is somewhat cool not hot... the car also doesnt have heat... but blows... and at this point itsappears to overheat. :(
      p.s. the very frist day after the latest fix (waterpump) the vents blew smoke,,,, indication of heater core prob..... but after a camshaft cap replace, it stopped... now just over heats please help..
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    Near Newquay
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    Anything car related. Films, Shooting, Airgunsmithing, Sea fishing, RC model cars and quadcoptors. Steam Traction Engines and pretty much anything else electrical, electronic or mechanical, which includes powering my some of my workshop and charging the home smart devices by solar power.


    Very happy owner of 2008 Freelander 2 SE manual.

    If you want to know how to change the KV6 belts. This link will show you how.