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Nov 17, 2014
Nov 28, 2009
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New Member, in near downham market in norfolk (uk)

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Nov 17, 2014
    1. thomasven
      currently undergoing a 200 tdi engine 300 tdi turbo and lt77 series transfer box conversion in 88" s3
    2. maisyboo
      Nice old gal. Used to have an old SIIA - loved her...
    3. Hovis211
      Yeah. mine needs a bit of fine tuning on the Carb, adjusted the idle-speed today as it was a bit too slow really.
    4. Hovis211
      Nah its Petrol :( So a nice 1 mile to the gallon lol. She runs well though so im happy.
    5. Hovis211
      Thats not good. What are your plans for the 88"?
    6. Hovis211
      Oh right well if you want to add me my names Darren Witting. I have some more pictures on there of my landy. Been off roading in any of your landys lately?
    7. Hovis211
      Sweet, I can only drive mine off the road at the moment as im not insured on it yet. Do you have facebook?
    8. Hovis211
      I have only had mine since september the 10th. I just had a look at the picture of the 88". Looks really nice. Where do use your landy? I went out in mine today to Bawsey for a quick greenlane.
    9. Hovis211
      Oh right. I did it in just general engineering. I live a few miles down the A47 towards Norwich. How long you had your Landy for?
    10. thomasven
      yes national diploma in land based technology at easton college i live in nordelph about 4 or 5 miles from downham market
    11. Hovis211
      Hi mate. I live just out side kings lynn about 2 miles. I see your studying engineering is that the National Diploma? Because thats what i did last year.
    12. thomasven
      i am all introduced now
      1. Rob Chalmers likes this.
    13. 109party
      o right il go have look you posted on the introduction page yet, say you go 2 college with me lol :)
    14. thomasven
      yes propshaft on now i had go back and change it twice the sailsbury diff one was five inches too short and the rover diff one was one and a half inches too long he only had one of the right length out of 20 2nd hand 109 propsahfts and i definatley have a sailsbury diff but i needed one 41 inches long how long is your propshaft on your 109's
    15. 109party
      Evening chap pleased 2 see you joined
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    near downham market in norfolk (uk)
    Current Landrover:
    series 3 109 commercial 2.25 diesel
    Series 3 88 commercial 200 tdi vnt and lt77
    Land rover 90 td5 truck cab with ifor top
    Dream Landrover?:
    Series 1
    I am an agricultural engineer have a series 3 109 that i am restoring and some tractors as well also have a series 3 88 200 tdi with vnt turbo and lt77 series transfer box as my daily driver

    land rovers, tractors and music


    land rovers and old tractors have things in common they both live forever and they both leak a little oil[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]