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mozz smith
Aug 19, 2010
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tameside manchester

mozz smith

Well-Known Member, Male, in tameside manchester

    1. awkwardbob
      Hey Mozz, I hear on the grapevine that you’re the go-to guy for key syncing issues. I’m having a bit of a mare with an older lady who won’t re-sync after her battery failed.

      Wondered whether you might have an idiots guide to this for this particular idiot !

      Thanks for any advice you can offer !


      -she’s a 97 4.6 Gems Autobiography
    2. Young fozzy bear
      Young fozzy bear
      Hi I've got a rangerover p38 diesel auto I am in ingoldmells on holiday and my truck run fine yesterday went to it tonight to go out and the alarm and immobiliser wont let me start the car it is saying engine disabled press the button on key I've tried that but still nothing and the light on the key fob is lighting up
      1. RangeRoller dt
        RangeRoller dt
        Hi, mine sometimes only works if I put the key in right way. Other way round it doesn’t work. Five buttons good try

        Best make a thread in RR section or LZIR
        Sep 22, 2019
      2. goonarmy
        Make a post in the forum and you might get some help
        Sep 22, 2019
    3. Chrislane
      Hi Mozz, the word has it that your a god when it comes to bringing back from the dead THE P38!

      It's a key fob trial this time, despite buying a new key fob from Landrover it's still dead
      I did include a full description but it wouldn't let me post it
      1. Chrislane
        Engine disabled press remote on the display, no response to keycode, red led in windscreen flashing, dim red light in centre console but nowt else. Can't get the indicator on the Speedo panel to flash when I'm trying to put the keycode in
        Feb 1, 2019
    4. nigelrw
      hello mozz smith - you are my last best hope - 2001 4.6 P38 in lock out - have tried to enter EKA code but red light keeps flashing and alarm goes off if i turn on ignition after - I am open to all suggestions - I did allow battery to go flat but is now fully charged of course key no longer work and need to be resync - if you can help my wife makes a good Carrot cake that travels well !!
    5. thomas51400
      hello mozz smith, it sounds like you are the man that can help me with my Lock out problem. i have delivered my 1998 p38 dse to a workshop to change the transmission. now the transmission is changed but the car dont start anymore.
    6. thomas51400
      the workshop that i have delivered the car to is working much with land rover and i see they do a lot of them. but he can`t start the car anymore do to the code lockout. i must say that the car had a bad battery and to make it worse the Lock from the driver door was broken.
    7. thomas51400
      to open the car you had to use the radiocontrol from the key. the Central Lock is not working either. I told him that the battery is not the newes one and that the key is not working to open the car, but i dont think he was listening. anyhow, now after he changed the transmission he can`t start the car anymore.
      1. BryEvs
        When mine went like that i had to change the latch in the driver door
        Jun 13, 2018
    8. thomas51400
      he was now fixing the Lock on the car and loading the battery full again. he said that he was trying to punsh in the code with the key but the car just goes in to the code lockout mode. he told me that he was doing everything like always(i dont really know what that means) but that it is not working.
      1. goonarmy
        Try a post or PM him for a response
        Jun 12, 2018
    9. Evan1973
      Hi mozz I have a rr p38 2.5 diesel and it's coming up with code 27 it won't start and front door locks won't open on fob just the key any ideas cheers Evan
    10. PCPics
      Hi Mozz - key fob sync problems with my p38 /98/diesel. Have tried all methods, but no luck so far. Your lock/unlock method and then into ignition position 2 - I get continuous flashing led on fob. How long should you have to wait? Have tied up to three minutes... Anyway - your advice gladly accepted. Paul Close
    11. chris hardesty
      chris hardesty
      Hi mozz I've got a 4.6 p38 and battery has got flat and need to resynk the key and can't remember how to do it lol I've heard your man who know lots about the p38 would be grateful of your help thanks mate
      1. mozz smith
        mozz smith
        hi chris , just back off hols ring me cheers mozz
        May 2, 2016
    12. allanw
      Good morning Mozz. Just another Query. When the car started yesterday the air suspension was doing a strange dance up and down at the corners. Is this related to locks in any way? Also forgot to mention that even though remote c/l disconnected locks still sometimes cycle when driving or sat in a car park??
    13. allanw
      Thanks mate. Have ordered remote r f switch. will look up door lock now. Thanks again.
    14. allanw
      Well here we go. My son came around to refit blue wire to r f receiver. I put key in drivers door lock and turned to unlock position so he could get in the boot to do the job, and ALL doors unlocked . Put key in ignition and she started!!! Anyway he refitted blue wire. So is it the door lock assembly that's at fault I wonder? i.e. micro switches.
      1. mozz smith
        mozz smith
        hi allan ,,,,yes one of the 3 microswitches in doorpack ,, not sure wich one , ???? just get complete refurbed door pack theres someone on site who does them approx. £45.00 also remember to get rf receiver switch done ,,,, will try get u name of door lock guy , regards mozz
        Mar 8, 2016
      2. mozz smith
        mozz smith
        he's called martyuk ..... cheers
        Mar 8, 2016
    15. allanw
      Hello mozz. Just remembered the blue arial wire is disconnected from r f receiver. This was done a couple of months ago to try and cut down on spurious signal interference. I see in your e-mail it needs to be connected. Will get my son to reconnect tonight then will call you tomorrow. Thanks. Allan.
    16. allanw
      Hello again. no e-mail arrived. Maybe gave it to you wrong. allan.winter2@btinternet.com its raining now so having a cuppa. tried EKA 3 times. no joy. Allan
    17. allanw
      Thanks a lot. 07766964688 Allan.
    18. allanw
      To continue: unlocked car today with key and only drivers door unlocked. Went to start and alarm sounded and Engine disabled message. Any ideas??
      1. mozz smith
        mozz smith
        hi allan ,give me your number and will ring you about 8 pm later cheers mozz
        Mar 7, 2016
    19. allanw
      Hello Mozz Smith. I would be grateful for your ideas on my 1996 P38 2.5 dse auto. As outlined in my earlier posts regarding my P38 and it stranding me with engine immobilised condition. The MOT garage said they had disabled the immobiliser with their scanner and this also disabled the remote central locking. Not bothered about c/l as have been using key in the door lock without problems until today.
    20. noelypoley
      Hi Mozz,
      Do you fix these p38s, i live in blackley manchester.
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