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mozz smith
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  • Hey mate wedding went great as did Vegas .... Nah I never won anything lol . Got myself a set of 16 inch alloys but my wheel nuts don't fit bummer. When u upgraded your wheels did you keep the old wheel nuts if so I will buy them off ya . Seems the guy that fitted the 20 inch wheels has put on bigger nuts to accommodate them and are too big for my new 16 inch wheels.
    hello mozz, i have managed to lose your contact number, if you want to give me a ring as i have found a rf responder you wanted. thanks jess x
    hi, jess and good morning im checking it out today n will report back a.s.a.p. cheers sweet x MOZZ
    hi mozz, thanks for the heads up finding this site, think im gonna be on here alot now, thanks again wayne, moly1975
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