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Dec 8, 2010
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Jan 30, 1964 (Age: 53)
louth lincs


Well-Known Member, Male, 53, in louth lincs

    1. Paul hearn
      Paul hearn
      Good morning
      I have a 1999 Disco 2 TD5 with a bad power steering leak which has been made worse since adding a well known bottle of additive guaranteed to stop leaks. I have no knowledge of these vehicles so is a new steering box the solution or is a repair kit possible please?
    2. Olly1994
      Hi there my ranger rover p38 manual is stuck in low range is there a way just to put back into high range and il leave it into high range? Thanks
    3. JamesK112
      Hi got a Range Rover classic 3.5 v8 on carbs want to service engine and gearbox it's a manual need help ?
    4. roosta1
      hi need some help here,ive just put 7.50R16 tyres on steel rims to my 2a is it possible to fit 235/85/16 tyres to these same rims .
      cheers Russell
    5. mick the builder
      mick the builder
      Theres a guy selling a galv. chassis from a 92 county and i wondered if it could be fitted to my 88 110 fitted with a disco 200tdi. Wondered about engine mounts, gearbox crossmember or anything else.
      Cheers James
    6. JamesK112
      Can anyone help I've got a 3.5 v8 buggy with no coil set up at all ? How can I set one up properly??
    7. Neil Brownlee
      Neil Brownlee
      Can anyone here ell me how a newbie like me can actually post a problem on here please ?
    8. Desperate Owner
      Desperate Owner
      Hello, Vet.

      Wondered if you could enlighten me as to where does the battery back up sounder locate in Disco 3 (2007) 2.7tdv6.. Im losing my mind over this alarm.. Cant find the thing..
    9. Chippyton
      Thanks Alistair, All I do is switch on ignition and not turn over engine. I wait each time to listen for the noise and then turn off and on again if no noise is present. Apparently low fuel pressure has come up on the fault code. I have a auto electrician taking a look later, am I on the right track? Cheers.
    10. Chippyton
      Hi James, I have problem starting my Freelander. I have to wait for a humming noise to stop before starting. A friend said it came from the diesel pump. My mechanic agreed and replaced it. £260 later a pump fitted the problem still exists. I turn the key continuously for 3 to 4 mins before this noise kicks in and then it starts fine first time. Once started it runs fine. Thanks Phil
      1. Alistair phillips
        Alistair phillips
        Just switch on ignition without turning over could be the heater plugs
        Dec 5, 2016
    11. peter8315
      Hi James, just a quick question going to collect a 19j engine on monday, and its minus the clutch housing , flywheel and starter motor, just wondered if the housing off the two and a quater engine would fit, Regards, Pete
    12. ayrtonmint
      Good evening James, .
      I too have an intermittent loss of reverse on my Freelander v6 Sometimes it is okay other times just disappears, It has not been touched for quite sometime, Tomorrow I am taking it to county 4 x 4 to have the gear box oil level checked, if this fails I think it will be a new reverse band. May I ask if you would suggest anything else, Best regards Tony from Macclesfield
    13. Mr Disco
      Mr Disco
      Thanks for your words of wisdom, all I have read stated that some software tool was needed to complete the bleed. It all seems okay at the moment, if I do need to adjust the travel on the pedal what’s involved. That way I will know what tool to keep in the truck. All the best Alan.
    14. surplus
    15. leeby7
      Hi james can you give me any pointers re chassis swap on my defender td5? starting it tomorrow and hopefully removing body! doing it with a 2post lift.
      Cheers lee
    16. ashleywood.ash
      Hi James,
      Sorry to come straight to you but your advice has always been sound.
      Can you look at my thread 'game over for my head' in the defender section and tell me what you think.
    17. Needalandy
      Hi I hope you don't mind the direct approach but I know you know what you are talking about due to stuff you have advised me on before. I'm planning on doing my first service on the old girl and wanted to check what you would advise on fluids.
      It's a 91 200tdi defender and I am asking specifically on engine oil, transfer box and gearbox oils, and diffs. What should I be using?
      Thanks James
    18. riley4x4
      Hello I was wondering if you could give me some advice on opening trade accounts with britpart and bearmach. I have a small business selling second hand parts and would like to add some sercice parts to our inventory. Was hoping to get an idea of various companies minimum requirements before I contact them, forewarned is forearmed as they say. Any help would be much appreciated
    19. Hard-Drive
      James...following on from my thread about the suspect gearbox, is this the kind of thing you'd be interested in rebuiding? Just trying to weight up my options between getting mine rebuilt or just sourcing an exchange unit...
    20. David 110
      David 110
      Hi James,

      I read on one of the forum threads that you might be the man to speak to about reconditioning an engine? I'm picking up a defender 200tdi with 96k on the clock - Is it something you would take on? Do message me with more details on pricing etc if it is - cheers.
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    Jan 30, 1964 (Age: 53)
    louth lincs
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    td5 discovery ,v8 discovery ,several series projects
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    v8 110 station wagon ,customized
    small boats and anthing to do with the sea,landrovers,mountain treking