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Dec 8, 2010
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Jan 30, 1964 (Age: 54)
louth lincs


Well-Known Member, Male, 54, in louth lincs

    1. leon Devan
      leon Devan
      Hi James, I have a LR Discovery2, recently took it to a garage to have 2 chassis bungs replaced they took over 3 hours, us thus the norm.
    2. L14m
      Hi James i have a L322 2004 and i keep getting HDC inactive the brakes seem to bind till the vehicle becomes stationary and the brake peddle been rock hard any help please?
    3. Farmer Dan
      Farmer Dan
      Hi James, im new to the forum and keen to hit the ground running so if I can be of any help etc to anyone on here id be only to glad to assist with what ever knowledge I have.... any who iv just bought myself a 110 defender 1991 with the 19J33142C engine code... any advice on it would be greatly appreciated though.
    4. Brett woods
      Brett woods
      Hi James , I recently posted a thread about the problems I’m having locating the correct adapter/reducer to fit the temperature sender to my replacement head . The one from my old head is to big , the one I require is approx 20 mm in diameter.
      I wondered if you had any advice on this subject please.
      Thanks Brett
    5. Defender Virgin 2018
      Defender Virgin 2018
      James, I have recently bought my first Defender. It managed 29 miles before oil pump and then engine failure.
      I am worried that the local mechanic that has arranged a new engine has simply ran off with my money!!
      I am beginning to wonder why I am bothering.... but i need to find a solution. I read that you rebuild engines, can you give me an indication of
      how long ang how much to rebuild a 200 tdi 1994 please?
    6. Colin Brooks
      Colin Brooks
      Good morning James.

      I joined the Forum yesterday, in some desperation. My 2.25 diesel is missing the drain plug, or drain valve located below the exhaust manifold. Local dealers don 't seem to be able to help me sort out a replacement part. I have been directed to your site.

      Colin Brooks.
    7. Quillia
      Good morning James
      I have a leak on rear output oil seal ! I have changed once even greased it up with vas but still leaked. I inserted it carefully using old seal with soft hammer to depth of previous one but still leaks. Any ideas favoured
      Regards Quillia
    8. Dave1992
      Hi pal just a quick one i have rebuilt a diff for my td5 do you know the torque settings for the 4 19mm bolts that hold it in
    9. JustJack
      Hello James, I have a Sailsbury rear axle with a diff starting to make a grinding on the overrun. Are you able to point me in the correct direction for someone to repair / refurb ?
    10. Olly1994
      Hi, sorry might be a stupid question, my p38 2.5 manual is stuck in low range, changed the motor still the same is there a control unit for the manuals for high and low range many thanks
    11. Tattybird
      Hi James not sure if I managed to start a conversation on here with you? Is there anything you can do to help me? Can't find an engine at the moment but would really like my landy looked at to see what has actually happened to it......living in hope :-)
    12. Richard Lutkins
      Richard Lutkins
      Hi, I've just joined and I need some help with my two litre Mark 1 Discovery. I've just put my recharged battery back in the vehicle and when putting the battery terminals on, the starting motor runs on free spin until I take off the battery lead. Any suggestions please.
    13. abeljt
      Hello James.... I read in one of post you mention something about the land rover series rev idler bearing needles being slant to keep the gear in place, do you know any work around to this problem?? the reverse gear keeps hitting on 1st/2nd synchro gear causing it to jump out. I have new rev gear, idler shaft, Any suggestions???
    14. berg450
      Hello James! Yesterday I have raised a question regarding on Discovery Td5 manual gearbox oil pump sealing. I was told that your are the man who can answer. Looks that my gearbox is leaking at the oil pump and I would need to change the O ring. According to Rave the gearbox extension has to be removed. Is that right or I can do it just simply undo the 3 bolts and pull it out?
    15. Paul jacques
      Paul jacques
      hi james ive just recently brit part main crank bearings to my td5 are they any good or have i made a mistake, sorry ive been told you are the man , thanks
    16. Jellyhead1976
      windows problem and stereo, just recently bought an 02 freelander td4, first windows stopped working, driver door first,(others worked) now just rear door window works, (stereo have factory stereo but not working on buttons on the steering wheel) please help thanks
    17. Mmick
      Hi lad got her running do u no of any easy key live in engine. At ? And do u no of any good landrover auto shop get roasted down here and bad quality
    18. Legaleagle267
      Hi I am new to the forum. I have a Freelander 2 TD4 2010. "Reduced Engine Performance" on dash .... Fault codes are P2290 and P0087 can you help me ? Do you know what this means? The garage is saying its a minefield but I need to know as I have limited power this morning
    19. Matthew waring
      Matthew waring
      Hi James
      I hope you don't mind me contacting you , I have a series 3 109 station wagon , it has a 4 litre gm straight six engine and a standard series gearbox , not ideal and is now stuck in 3rd and I would like to install an auto box that would be compatible keeping the 4 wheel drive .
      Can you help ?
      Thanks for your time
    20. Shakey79
      James if I sent you my td5 auto box could you give me a price to change "clutch A" please? I've been reading a link from 2010 reference this issue as I've only got reverse drive.

      Regards Shakey
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    Jan 30, 1964 (Age: 54)
    louth lincs
    Current Landrover:
    td5 discovery ,v8 discovery ,several series projects
    Dream Landrover?:
    v8 110 station wagon ,customized
    small boats and anthing to do with the sea,landrovers,mountain treking