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Dec 8, 2010
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Jan 30, 1964 (Age: 53)
louth lincs


Well-Known Member, Male, 53, in louth lincs

    1. Paul jacques
      Paul jacques
      hi james ive just recently brit part main crank bearings to my td5 are they any good or have i made a mistake, sorry ive been told you are the man , thanks
    2. Jellyhead1976
      windows problem and stereo, just recently bought an 02 freelander td4, first windows stopped working, driver door first,(others worked) now just rear door window works, (stereo have factory stereo but not working on buttons on the steering wheel) please help thanks
    3. Mmick
      Hi lad got her running do u no of any easy key live in engine. At ? And do u no of any good landrover auto shop get roasted down here and bad quality
    4. Legaleagle267
      Hi I am new to the forum. I have a Freelander 2 TD4 2010. "Reduced Engine Performance" on dash .... Fault codes are P2290 and P0087 can you help me ? Do you know what this means? The garage is saying its a minefield but I need to know as I have limited power this morning
    5. Matthew waring
      Matthew waring
      Hi James
      I hope you don't mind me contacting you , I have a series 3 109 station wagon , it has a 4 litre gm straight six engine and a standard series gearbox , not ideal and is now stuck in 3rd and I would like to install an auto box that would be compatible keeping the 4 wheel drive .
      Can you help ?
      Thanks for your time
    6. Shakey79
      James if I sent you my td5 auto box could you give me a price to change "clutch A" please? I've been reading a link from 2010 reference this issue as I've only got reverse drive.

      Regards Shakey
    7. BEASTIE 90
      BEASTIE 90
      Hi James, did you get my post on new conversation ( tappet type noise ) not sure how this site works
    8. john ireland
      john ireland
      I have a Dixon Bate Tuckaway Crane for sale. It has been totally restored, shot blasted and powder coated in the notable yellow colour. complete with instruction and installation manual. I had planned to build an RAC Recovery Truck but plans changes and hence for sale. any interest out there, photos can be supplied. Where would be best to advertise or let other know about, thanks.
    9. Erfec10
      any idea how to change oils in clutch slave cylinder, it's black in colour and pedal just out a small bit when it bites
      1. jason130
        You need to flush out the grey stuff with new brake/clutch fluid. Fastest way is a pressure bleeder but can be done the old fashioned way also! Good luck and hope the clutch isn't worn out as well!
        Sep 13, 2017
    10. ditomo
      Help!! Fitting a new clutch slave cylinder and clutch will go hard when bled but then push rod falls off should there be a clip holding it??? Thanks
    11. bolokwe
      Hi, I would like to help me with where in UK i can get all the kits needed for converting defender 110 V8 3.5 pick up 1996 model to V8 lexus all these i want to do them in my back yard. I am going to keep its original gearbox. Also maybe if you can let all the members know they might assist from Lloyd in Botswana.
    12. hawky666
      Hey chap. Hope alls going ok on the hols. have fun.
    13. Paul hearn
      Paul hearn
      Good morning
      I have a 1999 Disco 2 TD5 with a bad power steering leak which has been made worse since adding a well known bottle of additive guaranteed to stop leaks. I have no knowledge of these vehicles so is a new steering box the solution or is a repair kit possible please?
    14. Olly1994
      Hi there my ranger rover p38 manual is stuck in low range is there a way just to put back into high range and il leave it into high range? Thanks
    15. JamesK112
      Hi got a Range Rover classic 3.5 v8 on carbs want to service engine and gearbox it's a manual need help ?
    16. roosta1
      hi need some help here,ive just put 7.50R16 tyres on steel rims to my 2a is it possible to fit 235/85/16 tyres to these same rims .
      cheers Russell
    17. mick the builder
      mick the builder
      Theres a guy selling a galv. chassis from a 92 county and i wondered if it could be fitted to my 88 110 fitted with a disco 200tdi. Wondered about engine mounts, gearbox crossmember or anything else.
      Cheers James
    18. JamesK112
      Can anyone help I've got a 3.5 v8 buggy with no coil set up at all ? How can I set one up properly??
    19. Neil Brownlee
      Neil Brownlee
      Can anyone here ell me how a newbie like me can actually post a problem on here please ?
    20. Desperate Owner
      Desperate Owner
      Hello, Vet.

      Wondered if you could enlighten me as to where does the battery back up sounder locate in Disco 3 (2007) 2.7tdv6.. Im losing my mind over this alarm.. Cant find the thing..
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    Jan 30, 1964 (Age: 53)
    louth lincs
    Current Landrover:
    td5 discovery ,v8 discovery ,several series projects
    Dream Landrover?:
    v8 110 station wagon ,customized
    small boats and anthing to do with the sea,landrovers,mountain treking