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Dec 8, 2010
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Jan 30, 1964 (Age: 55)
louth lincs


Well-Known Member, Male, 55, in louth lincs

    1. Landy@27
      Hi James
      I’m in the process of rebuilding my 2a suffix d gearbox,but I’d like to convert to all synchro whilst
      It’s all in pieces
      Could you tell me exactly the parts I’d need for this please

      1. Broke Again
        Broke Again
        Hi James Martin isn’t around at the moment not sure if or when he will return
        Sep 16, 2019
    2. currymunster
      Hey mate, how are you?
    3. Mad mart
      Mad mart
      Hi James I am a new member got a 1996 p38 d s e went out this morning dove fine stopped it put it in park came back put it in rev nothing only slight grinding in park any help please
    4. Bushcrusher
      Hi James, can you point me in the right direction please? I'm on the LandyZone rescue list, who do I contact regarding the international rescue stickers?
      If you could help
      Many thanks
    5. Lionhound
      Good afternoon sir, as a knowledgeable man on the subject, could you please give me some advice on gearbox oil for my defender td5. Recommendation is for MTF94 so presume this is best but have you any advice on one over another? You have Westway and Smith & Allen's Geartech in the low twenties per 5l up to LR at over sixty.
      Is there that much difference?
      Thanks James, appreciate any advice.
    6. towsey956
      Hi James sorry to bother you I’m trying to phase a prop. 1) if I’ve put the castor rite after a lift should I still need to rephase my prop, 2) I’ve been 4 settings each way from the standard Land Rover phasing and still no joy at all, so do you think there is any point carrying on or do you think there is something wrong, I’ve even taken the prop off twice to check it’s that. Many thanks for your time
    7. Bushcrusher
      Morning James, hope your well and weather is better than here :( sorry to trouble you again, but how the hell do I remove the seat belt tie rods? Some times wish I left things as they were! But where's the fun in that. Hope you can help. Thanks again for all the help so far
    8. Bushcrusher
      Hi James, got a question for you. I've read all threads regarding doing body lift on my D1 v8 .the only thing going I'm not sure of is what do I slacken on the steering to allow the body to lift? Is it in engine bay or down lower I slacken? Hope you can help
      The other news is my doing really well .we were round there today and he looks like he's grown a bit already lol
      Take care mate
    9. Allan Harrop
      Allan Harrop
      Do you know which fault code scanner I need for my Range Rover Sport 2006 2.7 diesel. I bought a U480 but when plugged in states Link Error, in the leaflet with the scanner it states this means my car in not compatible with the scanner
      1. ovalandrover
        I have a Nanacom Evolution thatwill do the 2006 Sport with the right unlock codes it can also flast the ECUs
        Dec 26, 2018
    10. micknkatenki
      Hi James, I am looking at either having my transfer box reconditioned or an exchange, Defender 90 300tdi, LT230. Do you still do these and what would the cost be, I can deliver and collect. Thanks.
    11. James hyett
      James hyett
      Hi I am after some advice about my 1997 range rover 2.5dt
    12. Pieter du Toit
      Pieter du Toit
      Hi All I am in search for the TD% defender 2001 workshop manual please can any body assist were I can down load I have spent hours on google search for the rave down load version but just can not locate it
    13. leon Devan
      leon Devan
      Hi James, I have a LR Discovery2, recently took it to a garage to have 2 chassis bungs replaced they took over 3 hours, us thus the norm.
    14. L14m
      Hi James i have a L322 2004 and i keep getting HDC inactive the brakes seem to bind till the vehicle becomes stationary and the brake peddle been rock hard any help please?
    15. Farmer Dan
      Farmer Dan
      Hi James, im new to the forum and keen to hit the ground running so if I can be of any help etc to anyone on here id be only to glad to assist with what ever knowledge I have.... any who iv just bought myself a 110 defender 1991 with the 19J33142C engine code... any advice on it would be greatly appreciated though.
    16. Brett woods
      Brett woods
      Hi James , I recently posted a thread about the problems I’m having locating the correct adapter/reducer to fit the temperature sender to my replacement head . The one from my old head is to big , the one I require is approx 20 mm in diameter.
      I wondered if you had any advice on this subject please.
      Thanks Brett
    17. Defender Virgin 2018
      Defender Virgin 2018
      James, I have recently bought my first Defender. It managed 29 miles before oil pump and then engine failure.
      I am worried that the local mechanic that has arranged a new engine has simply ran off with my money!!
      I am beginning to wonder why I am bothering.... but i need to find a solution. I read that you rebuild engines, can you give me an indication of
      how long ang how much to rebuild a 200 tdi 1994 please?
    18. Colin Brooks
      Colin Brooks
      Good morning James.

      I joined the Forum yesterday, in some desperation. My 2.25 diesel is missing the drain plug, or drain valve located below the exhaust manifold. Local dealers don 't seem to be able to help me sort out a replacement part. I have been directed to your site.

      Colin Brooks.
    19. Quillia
      Good morning James
      I have a leak on rear output oil seal ! I have changed once even greased it up with vas but still leaked. I inserted it carefully using old seal with soft hammer to depth of previous one but still leaks. Any ideas favoured
      Regards Quillia
    20. Dave1992
      Hi pal just a quick one i have rebuilt a diff for my td5 do you know the torque settings for the 4 19mm bolts that hold it in
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    Jan 30, 1964 (Age: 55)
    louth lincs
    Current Landrover:
    td5 discovery ,v8 discovery ,several series projects
    Dream Landrover?:
    v8 110 station wagon ,customized
    small boats and anthing to do with the sea,landrovers,mountain treking