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Nov 27, 2021
Oct 18, 2006
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Nov 27, 2021
    1. ChrisBduck
      Hi Jai. Cheers. I've ordered one through Bearmach. Doesn't look like they'll be getting it before the end of March, but also doesn't look like any of us are going anywhere soon anyway. Would you be using them or do you think you could get one quicker? Thanks again
    2. ChrisBduck
      Hi. Just wondered if you still rebuild winches in Dunstable?
      1. jai_landrover
        yes as long as parts are available for that model
        Jan 17, 2021
      2. ChrisBduck
        Ah thats the problem. I'm struggling to find a Tmax brake assembly BA2635. Was hoping you may have new or used one in stock
        Jan 18, 2021
      3. jai_landrover
        Hi Chris

        I can probably get one, but it will be the best part of £30.

        Let me know as I’m ordering other bits soon.

        Jan 21, 2021
    3. STEVE 8
      STEVE 8
      Hi, do you know how to get the doors to unlock using EKA . battery went dead so recharged and once conected everything works but now when i try to enter the key code i dont hear the door locks work. key is flashing but nothing from door solinoids so wont disable engine, cheers Steve.
    4. The Mad Hat Man
      The Mad Hat Man
      did yu see mu last post on yo thread?
    5. jimmy056
      yea that's sound mate let me know the date and I don't see it been a problem, the only problem I do have is I'm starting to work 4 nights on 4 off so it all depends on when that starts which I would then be able to work out what dates I'm available.
    6. jimmy056
      hello mate its jimmy here with the disco that went greenlaning with you last year,let me know when you arrange another trip out and I will tag along.
    7. Ryder
      Hey Jai... do you have James's user name... I have lost his phone number and I am pretty sure he has been trying to get hold of me!
    8. kyleg1990
      hello mate, what are the lanes like between hitchin and luton and surrounding, ive seen them on an os map but never been down them?
    9. warrior
      Hi do you still have them kam front shafts forsale?
    10. jim cummings
      jim cummings
      Hi Jai, Paul D reccomended I contact you regards rebuilding a diff. I have a suspect front pinion bearing failing, and I have two possible soloutions to replace the complete diff unit. I have currently a 10 spline diff that I can replace with a good used front 24 spline and HS's. But what I also have is a good 10 spline built diff with arb centre, but its been used on the rear. Paul D suggested I rebuild it with the orriginal front crown and pinion gears from the orriginal diff. He said its not too hard to do. Is it just a question of marking the bearing adjusters positions and reassembling the same way? How do I know when the back lash is correct? I appreciate your help, thanks Jim
    11. Kazzi
      Hi Jai, did you get a pm from me the other day coz I know I sent it but it ain't in my sent box (probably just me buggering up as usual!)
    12. stariont3
      Hi jai. Just saw you want some Landy wheels. I have 4 you can have- standard or wheels.
    13. saxmanuk
      Hi there Jai, have been reading and searching some freds on axles....and you seem to have good knowledge on them...I have a 1993 110 200tdi...think my front halfshaft has gone as per my thread...however am thinking I might just swap it for a new axle and refurb the old one in my lesiure...will this one fit straight on>? prop shaft, radius arms, ratio etc...many thanks in advance... eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
    14. jai_landrover
      Ow Cheers Kazz I'll find him!
    15. Kazzi
      Hey Jai, There's a Newbie from Luton just joined the forum - looking to go laning - name is Drookit Dug
    16. RAC Disco
      RAC Disco
      Alright Jamie, its Jamie. Just letting you know my new user name as my old one never got working but this one does. By the way, were all going Yarwell a week sunday so if your motor is running and you have the dosh put it in your diary
    17. L90STA
      Hi Jai, keep browsing in and out of Herts lanes post and im up for tagging along around whitwell if your going this weekend?? would be great fun! cheers, Ollie
    18. bevhelee
      Hi Jai, as you suggested I've ordered a recon unit from Ashcrofts today, they need a 56H unit as replacement, any chance you have 1 or know someone who may have one?
    19. JAUGAL
      you have my name as your user name!
    20. The Lone Ranger
      The Lone Ranger
      yo.... dont no if you remember me! you pulled me out at midnight from the river! ive finally cleared my quarry, do ya want to come over and have a look!
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