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Nov 9, 2020
Apr 5, 2010
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Mobile disability equipment service engineer


Very senior member, in Bristol

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Nov 9, 2020
    1. shaun69
      Hi mate
      How are you good i hope.
      Can you let me know where you got your little box of tricks.
      Lost your number mate so could not phone you.
      All the best
    2. shaun69
      Hello mate
      How are you mate hope all well? Long time and i have lost your number new phone lol
      PS i have got another p38 sorry i just love them lol if you are around pop in for a coffee mate
    3. Steve000
      Hiya mate,

      Thanks for reply .. I'm in Almondsbury just let me know what's the easiest way for you/ me to sort it.

    4. oneladyowner
      Hi Dogsbody,

      I am also from Bristol, new to this site today. Had problems with immobiliser and alarm diagnosed to be faulty ECU quoted over £700 to replace, so found info on here and through others that repair was the cheapest route. The garage old me ECU couldn't be repaired three times, but agreed to post ECU then next day changed their mind and didn't want to be involved, became rude and very unhelpful. I arranged for my vehicle to be recovered back to my home address with the ECU to send it off myself in the post. My vehicle was lopsided when returned and the suspension is an inch higher on the passenger side front and back than the drivers side and there is now a massive hole in the front of the glove compartment box.

      My question is do you think the suspension is due to the ECU problems or as the garage got funny with me, or could it have been tampered with? Also how easy is it to lower one side to even it out? Will it cost much?

      Hope you can shed some light, many thanks
    5. Grit Valve
      Grit Valve
      I see there has been no posts in who wins!

      Been caught yet I still trying to work out if that was a tactical move ;)
    6. discogal
      Hi just wondered if you can tell me what's missing from the engine block on my disco 200tdi . I noticed the other day when I was fitting a new front bumper that there seemed to be a plug or the like missing from the front underside of the engine block. There is a threaded hole that should have something in it but I don't know what . Does The crank case have a drain there or should it have ssome sort of a breather in it? I'm very much new to all of this and I'm trying to do my disco up on a shoestring and would be grateful of any knowledge or advise!
    7. Frostycab
      Thanks mate, I got hold or him and have since got in and sorted my beloved rangie out. Thanks for all your help, its guys like yourself that make this such a great forum.
    8. dieseldoc
      Can you help me put some pictures on thanks
    9. gazza1961
      hi can u help me ive just got my first landrover its an 02 freelander every thing was working fine till i towed my caravan now i have no back wiper washer or window wont go down and door lock wont open :blabla:
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    Mobile disability equipment service engineer
    Current Landrover:
    2000 Range Rover 2.5
    Dream Landrover?:
    a free one!!!!
    Over 50, over weight, over worked.
    Mechanical, electrical, electronics engineer (I own an assortment of hammers).

    keeping this Range Rover going with no money