Three Amigos - help needed in the North East

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My Discovery 2 has just developed the dreaded Three Amigos. None of my local garages will touch it and the local Land Rover specialist wants to fib me off with a full shuttle valve replacement for 1500!!! quid. I know that there is a workaround with bypass wiring but I'm no good with electrics myself. yet none of my local garages want to do this job. I live in the North East.
Are there any members on here in the North East who know how to do this and could work on it for me or know of a garage that will?
You need to buy a new shuttle valve, do the wiring mod on it, then fit it to the car. You will find a video on YouTube I imagine.
Doubt a garage will do it without you having to sign a disclaimer and even then there will be no money in it for them so why bother.
You could buy an already modded shuttle valve on Ebay. I did my son's and it fixed the problem.
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The option b mod isn't too bad to do, can't see a reason to buy a new shuttle valve and mod that when You can mod the existing one. If that fails, then get a new one.

Can be done with abs lines intact and fluids in but is a bit of a fiddle.
Hang on a moment!
How do we know that it isn't just a hub playing up? That would turn them all on? Did the Landy Garage at least tell you that?

This is what you need

(Just put up to show you, you can get them cheaper and in the uk I just happen to be in France at the moment.)

It requires the shuttle valve mod, mod it before you replace the other one and then make the two connections you need to make, one to earth and one to the loom.

It IS a bit of a fiddle. I made up a special tool to get the three allen key headed bolts out from under the ABS module. But once all done no sweat.
You will find threads on this.
And this thread shows the tool I made up to simplify removal and replacement of the Allen keyed bolts.
Fiddly but doable as long as an MOT tester doesn't yank the wiring or whatever they did.

The buggers pressure washed the engine (to me a no no ) to fit a new cat