P38 Parts looking for new home - free

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CO Durham
I am currently doing a clearout of my house after taking early retirement least year and have come across some parts that I bought before my P38 decided to fail with major problems around 9 year ago.

If anyone in the North East would like these (free of charge) then let me know and we can arrange either collect or deliver or meet half way.
All parts have been stored in the house with central heating so not affected by damp garage/ shed storage.

The parts are
Lower tailgate (in white) complete with all lights, just missing the push button release. I started to sand it ready for painting until my P38 died.
Two oil cooler pipes (still in the blue packaging from Britparts (PBP500260 and PBP500270)
Diesel pump - this will need reconditioning.
Also got the Range Rover P38 diesel timing kit

If no one wants them they will be going to the local waste tip or metal scrap merchants at the end of August.