TDV8 - stalled, 2xnew turbo fitted, engine siezed immediately in garage, my bad luck apparantly

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It never ceases to amaze me how garages get away with misdiagnosing a fault and then charging the customer for the unnecessary work and parts having not resolved anything.
If the polite explanation that it is the garages fault and their responsibility to sort out I would be looking at legal action.
It never ceases to amaze me how garages get away with misdiagnosing a fault and then charging the customer for the unnecessary work and parts having not resolved anything.
+1 - the older I get, the more I am coming to the conclusion that unless you can fix "it" yourself, you are almost better off not having "it" .... not so much an issue with washing machines and such, but with modern electronically complex cars, and the potential for the unexpected it most certainly is.... and, IMHO, its only going to get worse:(
they diagnosed,they purchased the turbos ,they fitted turbos,they broke turbos,they pay simples

that's entirely my take on it. quote was to fix the car. if they **** up things along the way, then that's no concern of the customer.

does the op have a written quote, and what is the wording of it?
bloody hell gents. we already own cars that give us nightmares and now this sh1t.
hope it works out for you. I feel your pain...
This is a sad story,but from a practical point of view would the OP have been willing to pay the cost of a replacement on recon engine and turbo's in the first place - had it been correctly diagnosed ? Seeing as it came in as a non runner they would have been unable to carry out an oil pressure test anyway. The Turbo drains on these engines are known for clogging, and also sludging up of the sump is another issue. Was the OP willing to pay for the engine to be stripped and checked prior to fitting turbo's ? Would he be willing to pay for replacement EGR coolers which, when they leak often cause the turbo's to clog and fail.
What needs to happen here is an independent third party engineer is brought in to inspect the engine and turbo's to negotiate a sensible settlement. Either way had the extent of the damage been known in the first place the car would most likely been scrapped. Its all too easy to sit at a computer and flame a garage when you don't have all the info,in some ways they were very brave to even get involved in the first place, I can't imagine they are too chuffed about it either.
The way I see it the OP agreed to pay £2000 to fix the car. The garage cocked up and the car is now exactly the same as it was when they got it. Why should he pay them anything when they didn't fix it?
If I were him I'd go to collect the car and if they refuse to let him take it then he needs to get a solicitor on the job.
The fact it seem's on this one is this.

No one used their savvy. Once they diagnosed both turbo's had failed should of raised the next question of why, & what could make both fail at the same time, & the fact of how the engine stopped & refused to fire.

This shouts lubrication at me & because of the expence of a repair further evidence should of been sort.

The garage could of been a bit clearer of their diagnosis, the reason for the suspect failure.

It does seem the correct questions wasn't asked & in the same breath, unclear advice on their diagnosis & reasons to coming to their diagnosis.
Surely, when an item goes for a rebuild the Service/Maintenace Report that comes back should mention what caused the failure....when stripping a Turbo and checking the internals, it would be obvious to see lubrication starvation from the look of the bearings!

So when they were returned to the Garage, did the Garage not ask/read the report and then check the drains and the oil pump further.

As mentioned, they should have looked into the cause of the turbo failures as part of the diagnosis.
It's half the battle of owning a land rover or range rover. Garages are more than willing to pesistently take money off people without any duty of care towards their customers.

A chap in France had his non starting range rover dropped off into a specialist while he was in france. The specialists diagnosis was that the vehicle wouldn't start because the steering wheel was on the wrong side.
Sounds a bit fishy to me, I can't see that any garage anywhere could be this stupid. I smell summet. Perhaps they've taken your £1200 and bought a lovely pair of turbos for their own RR? I say, you are in the exact same position now as you were at the start. Turn up and take your car, give them nothing. If they decline to give you the keys call the police and get a proper solicitor straight on it. Don't waste time on CA or TS. They're either incompetent or crooks or both. You do not want to deal with them any further on this issue. Go elsewhere.
I honestly think it is a testament to this type of forum but unfortunately many people end up here after things have turned to rat$hit.
My first port of call is here, ask advice from those in the know and then decide where to take it from here.
Praemonitus praemunitus..
Just those two

What i mean is the first thing i do when i have a problem is to ask on here before i go anywhere near somebody that is going to take my cash but fortunately so far i have been able to fix it myself.
it would make me sick to think that i could part with thousands of pounds for somebody to tell me they don't know what's wrong with my car

Well a similar thing has just happened to me. My not so local any more specialist had my P38 for 9 months to cure a problem that they caused in the first place and £600 later, I've got it back with no fix. They've basically washed their hands of it.