TDV6 EGR valve and exhaust temperature senders

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Hi All
Looks like I have 2 Exhaust temperature sensors and an EGR valve to change on my L405 TDV6. I'm just wondering if anyone has done them and if so can give a few hints. I'm no newcomer to oily things and tight nuts but I can't even see this lot, mind you I haven't crawled underneath yet.
Any guidance would be most appreciated.
Well the good news is there's a lot more room in the L405 than the L319 for those jobs... Which EGT sensors and which part of the EGR system are you changing? Are you sure of the diagnosis because the EGT sensors can lead to erroneous EGR fault codes....
The sensors are Bank A No2 and Bank B No1. There's no reading from either, just the occasional spike. Bank B EGR is indicating closed all the time. Strangely, I have no fault codes. Just regens reluctant to start. The last one ended up with the red light and calling the AA. They managed to force a regen and it's been fine ever since but of course another regen will come along soon.
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No DTC's for the EGT sensors? normally they throw a 'restricted performance' warning + EML if one of the readings isn't plausible. Try putting a 650 Ohm resistor across the EGT plug, that should give you a high temperature value, cold engine resistance ~250 Ohms. Cold engine EGT measured values will never drop below 100 deg. C. this isn't an error, just the lowest accurate reading the sensors are capable of.
What letters before the six numbers of the VIN and turbo config (single or twin) do you have? it's possible the EGR staying closed is a low pressure EGR, if so, it could be expected behaviour.
Thanks for the info Graculus. I'll sort some resistors out tomorrow and give it a try. I haven't had the car long and assume that it's a twin turbo. I thought they all were.
The letters are: GA2KEOFA.
Apologies in order. I said the EGT senders had no reading. in fact they were reading 32 Deg F but this figure never changed on a run. The others were all reading normally.
Thanks again
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Well, I took all the guards off today and crawled underneath. I was expecting to see a neat row of exhaust temperature sensors, marine engine style but all I could see was one before and one after the DPF. Where are the others? Also how can I tell if it's single or twin turbo? It's so difficult to see anything. A minor success was an almost completely blocked MAP sensor which was easily cleaned.
Looking forward to the next regen to see if it behaves itself.
Any suggestions regarding single or twin turbo most welcome.

After some research and more crawling around, I've established that my car is a single turbo model. Maybe that explains the 2 unused
EGTs. Still not sure about the EGR valve but as long as it behaves itself I'll try not to think about it.
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