Mot and oil leaks

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paul griggs

Active Member
Hello all.
Just a quick question on mot s.
Are we facing doom and gloom regarding mot failures. My 90 failed on a oil leak.
According to the sheet it was a major oil leak. Total fabrication. Worthy of a Oscar.
Slight leak to the rear from the rocker cover bolt leaking down the back and ending up
Showing on the bell housing. Exaggerated by no 4 pipe leaking and slightly diluting rhe oil. No 2
Was the front crank seal. Crazy town.
Am I headed for a nervous breakdown every year when the mot is due.
What am I gonna do. It’s a Land Rover
I’ve had a fail on leaking diesel pipe before , I thought that was a reasonable fail
3 inch dia circle of oil on the floor after a few minutes is a fail, but if it dripped on the testers head you are going to fail!

I hate mots, not the pass/fail bit just the bloody inconvenience, and I say that as someone who gets approx 40 vehicles ready for mot each year.
I'm fortunate in having an MoT place that are Landy specialists and know the difference between a proper leak and the designed in external lubrication we all enjoy 🤭

Find a Landy friendly MoT place.
Yeah. I understand that a leaking fuel
Pipe is a fail. But it was
Ever so slight Enough for me not to spot it. And I had recently changed the fuel
Lines Not many friendly garages around these days. I have used the same workshop for 10 + years I dont
Expect favouritism.
I like the comment on oil dripping on his head. Made me laugh.
It’s going in tomorrow for their inspection and hopefully a re test. So a big fingers crossed.
I did have a brief chat with the mot tester.
He said that the directive straight from the mot instructor/ inspector. Is that any dripping oil on the mot floor bay is a fail. Regardles.
I live for another year.