Installing a roofliner in the rear section.

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So the inside roof of my 110 is a bit of a pain in the ass to keep dry from condensation.
Can anyone give recommendations about the best liner to use? Right now my roof is literally just bare mental on the underside in the rear cargo area. Only in the front is it a proper liner.

The genuine 2nd hand defender or discos roof liners seem extremely expensive (like 500 to 1000 quid).

I'm going to try just some generic liner for about 50 quid, but would like to hear how other people have gone about it.
Sound pads of your choice first, then a insulation of your choice and keep an eye out for a head liner. Ok it's a 90 but you get the idea.
You can spend as much as you like or a sensible amount, cost about £60 to do the roof on the 90. You do need to make sure it's all insulated though and stop the leaks on the roof first if you have any.


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I used 10mm insulation from the link below, they also do sound deadening pads, I bought from elsewhere on Ebay for sound pads.