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  • Hi again. Recently the passenger door locked in the cold weather. I did the trick with the screwdriver down the window and a gentle tap released the lock luckily. Since then whenever whenever I drive the car, the computer tells me the dOor is open. When I press the catch from the inside the warning goes off. I've taken the lock apart, regreased everything, contact cleaned all the electrics, cleaned the spring etc. Now eberything is working eperfectly. It lock by the key, and remote so is doing it's job. However, I still have the samme warning unless I lock it manually. Please help
    , I feel like there is a steering wheel down my pants and it's driving me nuts.
    Hi all, hoping someone might be able to help wth my atest problem. Last week we travelled 400 miles through France, another 400 miles touring, then half way back the turbo gave up, no accelleration and every hill on the way back was climbed at 30mph. the turbo whistled when accellerating, but no power. Got to the Eurotunnel, had a quick look and couldnt see anything standing out. By the time we drove off the Eurotunnel, the turbo was working again and we drove just over 100 miles home without a problem. Any ideas what could have happened, and what to look for first? Steve
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