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htr's K series Freelander 1 [2014 Easter Project]

Discussion in 'Members Vehicles/Projects' started by htr, Aug 22, 2016.

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  1. htr

    htr Well-Known Member

    Mar 21, 2014
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    Central Otago, Southern New Zealand
    old & new 1.jpg Well here's my take on owning, driving fixing and mod'ing a 1.8 Freelander.

    Things I've done that can help prolong HG life:
    • a careful cleaning of the cooling / heating system - I use a citric acid solution, lots of water after that and an air line of finish up with
    • a good radiator - I renewed mine - update June 2017 New rad' failed no support from LRD so I had to buy another- choose a rad' marketed by Bearmach, bought from LRD.
    • replace coolant and heater hoses
    • replaced that coolant pump along with the cam belt and tensioner
    • relocated the thermostat [PRT] and ‘gut’ the original to allow coolant flow
    • my liners were at uneven heights. A asked around and took the advice of fitting a Payen BW750 elastompolimer gasket with metal dowels
    • IMG_2184.jpg
    • new head bolts of course
    • fitted a strengthened bottom oil rail
    • I ground out the casting flash… from the coolant passages in the head with my Dremel and a TC burr
    • IMG_1810.jpg
    • replaced the coolant expansion tank and cap. - this is a more recent photo - the black spots were some greasy stuff - prob' remnants from earlier motor work. expansion tank black.JPG
    • put a little sealant around either end of the IMG prior to fitting AND checked that the jiggle valve [circled ] was working.
    • 80c87f1b-be63-432d-ae15-27adc7728f7c.jpg
    • used deionised water for my red OAT coolant mix [50% solution]
    • fitted an engine oil cooler with a thermostatically controlled take off on the filter mounting - also added an oil pressure sensor to the filter mounting.
    • IMG_2680.jpg
    • Added a low coolant warning LED to dash binnacle - [see Hippo’s threads] low coolant lamp 1.jpg
    • I've had to replace two coolant bottles as the newer ones crack / craze around the base of the neck and loose pressure & coolant. coolant level switch 2.jpg View attachment 145158 coolant level switch 1.jpg

    Other work done:
    fitted 5 Bridgestone ATs
    replaced the springs - Dobinsons
    new springs.JPG
    replaced the diff side seals
    replaced disc rotors and pads - put a seal kit in the callipers & replaced fluid
    renewed the VCU and bearings
    replaced LH drive flange [I managed to bend it!], bearing and seal
    replaced LH drive shaft OS
    flowed oil pump internals [see the k-engine page for info' on this]
    oil pump 3.jpg
    de-burred IM
    de-burred EM, down pipe
    de-catted exhaust
    replaced cam belt covers [ they were seriously damaged when the cam belt moved for the previous owner!]
    removed ’step’ from lower side of valve seats
    smoothed valve guide protrusions
    opened up inlet and exhaust runners
    inlet 2 3 runner.jpg
    replaced the camshaft seals
    fitted an oil pressure and oil temperature gauge
    replaced fuel pump and filter, replaced dist’ cap, rotor and plug leads
    fitted an auxiliary fuse box
    fitted auxiliary high current power sockets [F & R]
    Fitted DRLs [LEDs] and relay
    Fitted new play head [ CD -USB- Bluetooth]
    fitted a reverse camera
    camera.JPG screen.JPG
    modified rear lamp set-up
    rear lamp upgrade.JPG
    fitted DVRs - front & rear IMG_2453.jpg Rear DVR.jpg

    fitted a TPMS
    TPMS 3.jpg View attachment 145170 TPMS 2.jpg
    fitted a front alloy sump plate
    sump guard in position moded.JPG
    fitted a CAF & K&N Apollo AF
    removed surface rust spots from leading edge of sills

    made drain holes in front mud flaps
    replaced mesh on scuttle air intake
    fitted LED interior lamps
    fitted auxillary power socket to load area
    aux p-point 2.jpg
    fitted a ‘cubby box’ arm rest to front
    cubby box 1.jpg
    sealed rusted sunroof frame
    fitted window louvers
    louvers 2.jpg
    Bought a second set of 15" rims and fitted Maxxis Bravo 215 75 15 Mts
    Bridgestone A/Ts 697
    old tyres.jpg
    New Maxxis M/Ts
    New tyres1.JPG
    fitted a muffler protection plate.
    rear undershield 2.jpg

    Work still to do:
    replace the front LH drive shaft OS [again!] √ now done along with the driveshaft too.
    replace drop links - esp RH side
    replace anti roll bar bushes - √ now done.
    replace brake hoses all round and brake fluid √ now done.
    replace centre diff' mount
    replace rear muffler & rubber hangers √ now done
    fit a rear facing DVR √ now done
    fit 23mm white LEDs as rev' lamps √ now done
    fit 23mm Red LED's rear fog 'lamps' √ now done but now removed - WoF fail = MoT
    make and fit 40mm lift kit
    make and fit bolt on recovery point [unbolt t'ball]
    may fit a VVC inlet manifold as plastic ones are a weak point for IMG leaks

    colour coded items will be done together - I hope!
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2018
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  2. fozt

    fozt Active Member

    Jan 5, 2012
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    You've done a great deal of work there - have you seen noticable improvement?

    I like the idea of a coolant level sensor, might have to look in to that myself.

  3. htr

    htr Well-Known Member

    Mar 21, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Central Otago, Southern New Zealand
    I'm pretty happy with the fuel usage. I commonly get 31 mpg. On a run I get about 34 and the best I've managed was 37mpg. Power wise it might pull a wee bit better in the lower rev's. Hard to say really as I'd have to drive another to compare!. It's not a powerful motor and does die on the hills a bit or when loaded up.
    Those Robinson springs and the MTs do give me more clearance, probably 30mm above factory. I'm in the process of casting my own aluminium lift kit. I think I'll do a 40mm lift.

    One prob' I've had is poor quality parts. I use UK suppliers and get OEM or Branded parts [eg Bearmach...] My new coolant expansion tank/bottle cracked in 10 months and I think my one year old radiator is weeping slightly low down on the right hand side as I've noticed a coolant stain in an odd place there. I'll keep an eye on that.

    Off road it interesting to drive. You have to keep the rev's up to encourage the front wheels to spin bringing the rears into 'play'. So even in first gear I feel like I'm tackling climbs at quite a speed!
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
  4. Alibro

    Alibro Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2015
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    Northern Ireland
    Some good ideas there mate, I might be pinching some of them. :p
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