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Hidden Menus- 2019 Range Rover

Discussion in 'Range Rover' started by Montelbob, Jul 14, 2019.

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  1. Montelbob

    Montelbob New Member

    Jul 14, 2019
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    Hi All,

    Does anybody know how to access hidden menus? I found the one that is pressing and holding to the left of the time on the home screen, but it’s just serial versions. I am looking for the engineer ones?

    I have a 68 plate Range Rover with the Touch Pro Duo screens.

  2. marjon

    marjon Well-Known Member

    Jul 15, 2018
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    I have found this sometime ago but unsure if it will do your year, I have also not tried until I do a lot more digging, as I don’t want to change anything and cause issues.
    So I take no responsibility of its correctness or what you may mess up it’s entirely your choice

    Found on another site.

    The method to enter the hidden menu of the dashboard :

    Turn on ignition (Level 2)

    Press the right button (check control), and keep the button pressed (10 seconds approximately). It appears first Check Control and after 10 seconds "TEST Nr 01 "

    Now press the left button : No. of the car is displayed.

    You have to sum the last 7 digits ex DG23278 = 22, of course, ignore the letters.

    Repeatedly press the right button until "test # 19" displays.

    Then press the left many times that the amount calculated above.

    Press the right button, the menu is unlocked!

    The functions are then available:

    1/Info vehicle (no serial number and software version)

    2/Test instrumentation, all the dashboard lights switch on

    3/Intervalle of service and number of days since the last

    4/instant consumption

    5/ average consumption and range

    6/Jauge gasoline in liters

    7/temperature engine - in turn - temp ext

    8/current speed (digital)



    11/Setting AM / PM

    12/ average speed arrival time

    13/Test bell (gong)

    14/memory errors 00000 = no error

    15-18 don't know

    19/unlocking menus 3-18

    20/ calculating correction for the consumption

    21/Reset = the same as if disconnecting the battery.

    I founded this information on a french forum, and tested it, as I said, it works, but when drinving the car, I can not display informations in real time as for exemple

    Digital current speed, or current consumption.

    Someone know this hidden menu and procedure (I'm sure yes) and do you know how we can set some informations to be readable with other board computer information when driving ?

    You dont say why you want in?

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