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Freelander - everything you need to know.

Discussion in 'Common Faults and Questions' started by The Mad Hat Man, Sep 14, 2006.

By The Mad Hat Man on Sep 14, 2006 at 11:12 AM
  1. The Mad Hat Man

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    Sep 11, 2005
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Discussion in 'Common Faults and Questions' started by The Mad Hat Man, Sep 14, 2006.

    1. The Mad Hat Man
      The Mad Hat Man
      Bodywork & Interior

      Can the later model (post 2000my) folding door mirrors be fitted to earlier model Freelanders?

      It is quite easy to fit the later mirrors and when finished looks no different from the fitting o*n the later cars. When I bought the new folding mirror it came with a big squidgy rubber backing which you don't need. You then have to enlarge o*ne of the existing bolt holes by a small amount and trim a projection o*n the plastic housing and you are done. It took me minutes and that was slow because I couldn't believe how easy it was and kept thinking I had made a mistake.

      LCYP100580 x 3off (screw) - total £0.81
      LCTG000010 x 1off (securing-ring) £1.62
      LCRB00421PMD x1 (UA8C mirror and housing) £78

      all plus vat makes a total of £94.51.

      The electrical side which includes heating and adjustment is simply a plug in job, couldn't be simpler. Incidently you may notice that the mirror gets hot. That is because the heated mirror is o*n permanently.

      Is there a way to test the central control unit?

      The central control unit controls operation of :-

      Vehicle locking and alarm system
      Interior lamps
      Rear fog lamps
      Tail door window
      Audible and visual warnings
      Front and rear wipers
      Heated rear window

      To put the CCU into self test mode start with the vehicle unlocked and alram unarmed, and the ignition off.

      1. Turn the ignition 'on'
      2. Press and hold the rear fog switch 'on'
      3. Turn the ignition 'off'
      4. Turn the ignition 'on'
      5. Release rear fog switch within four seconds of ignition 'on'.

      If successful a buzzer will sound for about 1 second, and the interior lamps will light for the same time. The various inputs can now be tested. When the CCU detects an input (e.g. Door Open), the buzzer will sound and the courtesy lights will come o*n.

      The outputs can be tested in sequence by operating the Central Door Locking switch. Outputs may be continuous until the switch is released, or pulsed until the CDL switch is pressed again.

      The output sequence is as follows:-

      Rear fog lamps (Continuous)
      Lock (Pulsed)
      Superlock (Pulsed)
      Unlock (Pulsed)
      Front wiper (Continuous)
      Alarm LED (Continuous)
      Volumetrics (Continuous)
      Horn (Pulsed)
      BBUS (Pulsed)
      Heated rear window (Pulsed)
      Tail window down (Pulsed)
      Tail door actuator (Pulsed)
      Tail window up (Pulsed)
      Rear wiper (Continuous)
      Hazard lights (Continuous)
      Door open warning lamp (Continuous)
      Seatbelt warning lamp (Continuous)
      Handbrake warning lamp (Continuous)

      Self test mode is cleared by switching the ignition off. Note that continuous operation of some of the tests may be potentially damaging (e.g. Door Locks, window lift motor), so as soon as you have answered your query, clear test mode.

      How can I recalibrate the rear window operation?

      The control unit needs to know the position of the rear window glass for safe operation. If you have problems with operation of the rear window it might be worth trying this procedure.

      1. Disarm the anti-theft alarm system.
      2. Disconnect the vehicle battery.
      3. Wait 5 seconds.
      4. Reconnect the vehicle battery.
      5. The CCU will now drive the tail door window to the fully lowered position.
      6. Turn the ignition switch to the 'ignition' position.
      7. Press and hold the tail door window switch in the 'Up' position until the window has reached the fully closed position.
      8. The tail door window should now be calibrated. If calibration has failed, a warning buzzer will sound.

      My heated rear window doesn't seem to work sometimes?

      The heated rear window will work o*nly when all of the following conditions are met:-

      1. The HRW switch is pressed.
      2. The engine is running.
      3. The tail door window is closed.
      4. The roof is fitted (3 door models o*nly).

      The rear window control is 'sticky'!

      Some owners have complained that the rear window occasionally continues to run down when the control button is released. This seems to be caused by dirty or faulty switches in the rear door and has been cured by dealers.

      Can the rear window be operated from the remote keyfob?

      Yes, if you press the unlock button o*n the fob and hold it down, you can lower the rear window. This is to facilitate loading things in a tight car park where you may not have room to open the rear door. You can raise it again by the rocker switch o*n the dashboard, or by inserting the key into the lock o*n the rear door and turning clockwise until the rear window reaches the top position.

      My rear window opens by itself!

      On 3-door models, this can be caused by the switch in the body side which detects if a hard-top or soft-top is fitted. A faulty or badly adjusted switch will cause the window to lower itself.

      On 3 or 5 door models, several owners have had the control unit replaced to cure the problems of returning to a parked car to find the rear window open. This can also be caused by dirty or faulty sensors in the rear door.

      Can I put a 12V power socket in the boot to run my fridge/PC/TV ?

      There is a LR kit to fit a 12v socket in the rear. The part number is STC 7927 and I think is costs around £40 !! The socket o*nly is LYXW 100040LNF and the surround is LAWR 5168SUC (this comes in two colours to match the DISCO ser II interior, but the grey is a good match to the socket (the beige is not your Freelander interior). The LR socket o*nLY (not full kit) is £8 (+VAT).

      The specification o*n my MY01 Td4 says that it is fitted with a Fuel Burning Heater. What / Why / How?

      The FBH is an efficient heater unit which burns fuel independently of the engine (it has it's own supply from the fuel tank). It heats the cabin without being reliant o*n the engine being up to temperature, so the cab warms up *very* quickly in the morning. It is possible to upgrade the FBH to remote control or timer operation for added convenience.

      My Trailer Indicator lamp never illuminates ?

      The trailer indicator warning lamp (bottom right of the dash) should flash with the indicators when a trailer or lighting board is connected. With no trailer connected, it should flash o*nce when the indicators are switched o*n. If it does not, the most likely reason (other than a blown bulb) is that the indicator flasher unit was not upgraded to the towing version when the towing electrics were fitted. This is a simple plug-in replacement of the standard flasher relay.


      My dealer says my brake pads need changing after o*nly xxxx miles! Is this normal?

      Brake pad wear depends o*n many things. Julian Read had the front pads o*n the Camel go out after 8K miles due to off-roading in wet sandy terrain. More typically, front pads seem to last around 30-35K miles.

      My ABS warning light stays o*n a long time after I start the engine?

      The ABS warning light should go out o*nce the vehicle speed reaches 5mph. If the light does not go out at higher speed this should be investigated immediately.

      How do I get the front brake pads out - they don't seem to have the usual arrangement of pins and clips... not that I can see anyway...

      Remove lower guide pin bolt from caliper and pivot caliper housing upwards. Remove 2 brake pads and retainers from the caliper bracket.


      Is there a heavy duty clutch available for Freelander?

      There is a Land Rover TSB which mentions a heavy duty clutch for all 1.8P and 2.0D models, "available in limited numbers", "for vehicles used in arduous conditions", part number UQB100770L Clutch Plate - Heavy Duty. It is not listed in the standard parts catalogue so I don't know the price. You have to prove you really really want and need it before LR will fit it under warranty as its a 4.4 - 5.1 Hour fit depending o*n engine type. -- JE Engineering do heavy duty clutches for the Freelander -- Can't be certain, but I reckon the 2.0 TD clutch will fit the 1.8 Petrol without a problem, and it has an extra 13mm diameter o*n the friction plate. Cover plate is the same part number, as is the release bearing. Rover 220 Turbo uses the same size friction disc, but probably with heavier springs. If you wanted to go wilder, look at the Rover 825 V6 2.5i 24V from 96-99 (The Rover years!) uses the same cover plate and release bearing but had a different friction disc (no details).

      Engine (1.8L)

      Whats the issue with the 1.8L head gasket?

      The 1.8L engine is widely acknowledged to have a weakness in the head gasket design. This is complicated by the unusual design of the engine which uses long head bolts which travel right through the block to the sump. Head gasket failure often seems to require head or engine replacement due to this 'feature'. High grade head gaskets are available from specialist suppliers (the 1.8 engine is used in various sports cars, which suffer the same problem). Rover made some modifications in 2001 (larger head dowels) which seems to have helped if not removed the problem. The best advice is to keep an eye o*n your oil and (especialy) water levels. At the first sign of coolant loss, investigate further, don't 'wait and see'. Don't panic, there are other (less serious) causes of coolant loss e.g. Inlet manifold gasket.

      General / Maintenance

      Is there a workshop manual available for Freelander?

      There is a Haynes manual available from your local motor factors. No longer officially available, but Land Rover used to sell a CD based workshop manual called RAVE. Copies of this can be found for sale o*n places like eBay. Beware, most of these are apparently pirate copies :-O If you insist o*n buying a pirate copy, you may as well buy an EPC CD as well - the official LR parts catalogue.


      The lights in the rear bumper are not very visible. Can anything be done to improve the situation?

      Several members have modified their vehicles to improve the rear lighting. The modification originated with club members Colin Blake and Jon Mapp, and details can be found o*n Jons' website MyFreelander.com

      The modification involves converting the foglights to function as fog and rear lights. The indicators are then replicated in place of the reverse lights and the reverse lights moved to share the bumper mounted indicator housing. The overall effect is a huge improvement in the visibility of the rear of the car.

      High level brake light bulb?

      The bulb in the high level brake lamp is a 12V 15W bulb, not 21W as listed in the owners handbook. The 15W bulb is a glass envelope with no metal casing at it's base.

      Off Road

      I've got a problem with my HDC. The problem basically is that when I click the switch down no dash lights come o*n, and even when I get it o*n a hill in 1st/Reverse with my feet off the pedals it doesn't light up or do anything.

      Most likely, you'll find that the connection has simply disconnected itself, just under the gear lever gaiter.

      Unscrew and remove the gear lever knob, carefully unclip the top of the gear lever gaiter, and slide down for access to the switch. The wires often become disconnected just behind the gaiter.

      LR Dealers fix this under warranty by replacing the switch with a redesigned part.

      How can I attach a tow line to recover my Freelander if I get stuck while off roading?

      If you have a tow bar or underbody guard with recovery point build in, these are probably the best way to attach recovery equipment. However if you don't have either of these options o*n your Freelander, the loops which protrude through the front and rear bumpers are towing points. (Not the loops underneath the bumpers, which are for lashing down the vehicle during transportation).

      These towing points are rated to over 4.5 Tonnes and so are suitable for gentle snatch recovery using a recovery rope, which has some 'give'. Do not use it with a kinetic rope or a tree strop, because the forces involved may seriously damage your vehicle.

      Wheels and Tyres

      What is the wheel fitment for Freelander?

      The Freelander wheel fitment is a PCD of 5 x 114mm with an offset of 35mm. I have not found any other vehicles with the same spec, though some Honda, Mazda and Lexus vehicles have a PCD of 5 x 114.3mm and similar offsets. Consult a wheel manufacturer before fitting any non LR manufactured wheels.

      Will late model Discovery / Range Rover wheels fit my Freelander?

      Short answer - NO! The range of alternative wheels for Freelander seems to be nil at the moment. The PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter - the bolt pattern) is different form almost all other vehicles.
      So what are the correct tyre pressures for a Freelander?

      The early handbook says 32psi all round, but this was found to cause premature tyre wear. There was a recall o*n the early models, and a modification was made to the rear suspension, and LR then recommended 26psi all round. Check with your dealer for correct tyre pressure for your model. If you have no standard tyre sizes, you will have to adjust for best performance yourself. Your tyre supplier/manufacturer may be able to offer some advice but they may not have tried your exact combination of vehicle / load / tyre / speed so their answer will at best be a compromise.

      What tyre life can I expect from my Freelander?

      Obviously tyre life depends o*n many factors - driver style / vehicle use / loading weight etc. but here are some typical tyre life reported by eGroup members :- Wranglers - 20-24K Michelin - 42K BFG All Terrain - None worn out yet, but anticipated 50K+

      What alternative tyres can I fit?

      Fitted a set of 16" rims last night with 215/70/16 BFG Ats, what a difference! The noise from the Goodyears was noticeable, so the car is much quieter, I can now hear the exhaust and the transmission whine. Handling seems sharper, almost twitchy o*n the motorway at speed, though I am old fashioned enough to run tyres in fairly gently at first. Performance over bumps in the road, (we have vicious speed-bumps in Gloucestershire) seems as good as ever, and cornering seems sharper, with less of a tendency to 'dive' into corners, presumably because the track has effectively been slightly widened.

      Some collected tyre comments:-

      BF Goodrich AT

      "Still love the BFG ATs to bits as a great general all round tyre." Victoria Cumming. "Scores out of 10: Tread wear 6, wet traction 7, quiet ride 7, handling 6 winter traction 9, mud traction 9." Ostle's Tyres Ostle's Tyres: Car & 4x4 Tyres and Alloy Wheels, Scottish Borders UK. These are NOT available in 215/65R16, nearest 215/70R16.

      BF Goodrich Long Trail

      "Scores out of 10: Tread wear 10, wet traction 10, quiet ride 10, handling 8 winter traction 7, mud traction 6." Ostle's Tyres Ostle's Tyres: Car & 4x4 Tyres and Alloy Wheels, Scottish Borders UK Again, NOT available in 215/65R16, nearest 215/70R16.

      Michelin Cross Terrain SUV (Not available in UK, and/or in right size?)

      "Scores out of 10: Tread wear 9, wet traction 9, quiet ride 10, handling 8, winter traction 10, mud traction 6" US Michelin web site Michelin tires and wheels for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs (the scores are compared with other tyres in the Michelin range). Also, a PDF file o*n that site suggests that smallest size for 16" is 225/75. So probably rules out what seems to be a tyre that performs fantastically.

      Michelin Synchrone

      "The Freebie I drove (TD4/Steptronic) was fitted with [Michelin] Synchrones, and went round and up and down all the Freelander tracks, hills and stuff just fine -- no problems at all." Willi Murray, referring to Dunkeld off-road course. "The best tread life in its class" and data shows it being quieter and more economical (lower rolling resistance) to Michelin XPC. Michelin products - Michelin tyres, car tyre, 4x4 tyre, buy tyres, travel guide, car tyres uk (Incidentally, go to Michelins 'tyre selector' and the pull-down options don't include Land Rover...)

      Michelin XPC

      Almost the most expensive 4x4 tyre in the right size at motorwaytyres.co.uk. I cannot find the posting but someone said something like "I didn't these were available in the UK but I was glad to find some at..." Michelin tires and wheels for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs indicates that minimum sizes are bigger than I want/need but motorwaytyres.co.uk have them in 215/65R16 apparently.

      Pirelli Scorpion

      "Scorpion STs (Bl**dy excellent)" Harvey of this group. "I know the Wranglers are inferior to the Scorpions in the wet..." Harvey. "These tires [sic] were 'gone' in less than 10,000 miles..." User review o*n The Tire Rack - Your performance experts for tires and wheels. "...made worse by rapid tread wear" source ditto "I am o*n my second set... off-road performance is adequate" source ditto

      Goodyear Wrangler HP

      "I know the Wranglers are inferior to the Scorpions in the wet..." Harvey. Rejected, as my existing o*nes are castellated and noisy. Others report the Wrangler as being more susceptible to this Freelander 'feature.'

      My tyres are worn unevenly and/or howl o*n the road

      Many owners complain of their tyre wearing unevenly (castellating - tread block wear to different heights). The problem seems to be mainly confined to vehicles with 15" tyres and the Wrangler type tyres. Land Rover changed the tyre pressures o*n early models to help cure the problems. Also some early vehicles had the rear differential ratio changed to cure the problem. Check your owners handbook for correct tyre pressure, and consult your local dealer. -- There were a number of reported fixes for this. But the main o*ne was that the IRD needed to replaced, this can be done under warranty. The IRD is fixed o*n the 2001 Freelander.
    2. Pikey
      This site contains just about Any information you could need about your freelander It's a text based site. So no pretty pictures I'm afraid.

      Why bother This is the front door to the site.
      http://www.myfreelander.com/myfreelander.zip This is all the info in one zip file.
    3. yerly
      you're the GREATEST! hmmmmm thanx for all the info:lvheart-119:
    4. badsamaritan
      This is in relation to MHM about fitting power fold wing mirrors. Is it that simple plug and play, no additional wiring and/or relay needed?? That would be brilliant!!
    5. The Mad Hat Man
      The Mad Hat Man
      No it isnt.......

      Re: Wing mirrors powerfold upgrade
      For future reference:

      1 x Powerfold switch
      2 x Powerfold Mirrors

      2 x Powerfold Looms to go inside each door (Make sure you get audio specific version, e.g. HK Audio, or standard Audio)
      2 x new plastic sheets to fit back on inside of door before you put door card back on. ​
    6. badsamaritan
    7. Access Denied
      Access Denied

      Whilst searching info on the Freebie I came across your very helpful info, though I must question the above info.

      I have info that suggests the FL1 PCD is actually 114.3mm. Where did you get the 114mm info from because if you are wrong I could be in luck for some wheels I would like to get. On the other hand if you are right and my info is wrong then I shan't be getting them at all! :confused:
    8. storm99
      Are you serious? 0.3mm?? Ok.............. :eek:

      Well done for waking the thread too....
    9. The Mad Hat Man
      The Mad Hat Man
      Manufacturing tolerances are +-0.5mm - was a joke :eek:. yu will not be able to measure a PCD of 114mm to within .3mm, without sophisticated gear - and the chances are they will fit, no probs. :D
      Last edited: May 27, 2011
    10. Access Denied
      Access Denied

      A prick in a bucket then. Is that a Chinese tolerance? :eek:

      To take that to extremes of value then these 'manufacturers' are saying that a 113.5 PCD will be fine on a 114.5 PCD stud pattern? In that case I hope they are insured to manufacture for the automotive industry!
    11. kerbstone
      Just seen this. It's the dreaded imperial to metric conversion. 4.5 inches x 25.4 mm per inch = 114.3mm. And then, just to confuse everyone, it gets rounded down to a nominal 114mm.

      And not all FL1s have a ET35 offset, either, as oft quoted. My 2006 one has (Made in Hungary) Evolution rims stamped on the insides with P/N RRC504640MNH 7.0J x 17" offset ET46.0. The PCD is definitely 5 x 114, and I measured the centre bore with a micrometer as about 63.5mm dia (that's the narrowest part, at the hub side). According to Microcat RRC504640MNH is from VIN 6A000001.

      I'm looking around for a second spare at the moment. Anyone know the difference between my rims and the Evolution RRC002080MNH Land Rover Accessories Online Catalogue | 17" Evolution Alloy Wheel, which seems to be for earlier model years (to VIN 5A999999), because they look the same to me in pics. I know that the RRC002080MNH Evolution is also 7.0J x 17" with offset ET46.0 so what's different, the PCD or the centre bore? Or perhaps the colour of the paint:rolleyes:?

      If the older RRC002080MNH Evolutions would fit my 2006 FL1, it gives more choice, hence the question...
    12. kerbstone
      Duly chastised. New thread will be done.
    13. monty2441
      if ccu wont test does this mean the worst
    14. JohnTeigh
      It would be good to see a few pics maybe something can be done about this in the new year
    15. LandyXei
      Hi all I’m Very new here only registering yesterday
      Having bought my Freelander last week I have since found out the HDC Does not work so here’s a quick ‘how to’ to repair the faulty plug that’s renowned for failing

      Time: 40 Mins
      Tools: 2x Female Spade Terminal, Crimping tool, 6mm Wire, 7mm Socket
      Car used: 1999 Freelander Xei

      Firstly here’s a pic of the tools I used
      Start off removing the Gear knob and Gaiter
      As you can see from this picture the grey connector block as fallen apart and the pins have failed at the soldering point
      What I noticed is that a Female Spade Terminal fitted across both the pins inside the HDC Connector
      But as you can imagine a single connection would bridge the terminals and then the HDC would always be on so I cut two female terminals so they both angled the same thus still fitting but as two individual connections
      I then proceeded to add the 6mm wire perfect fit and kept the joints tight in the crimp
      Once I had done this I carefully fitted the new terminals into the connector block on the HDC unit
      Tested it on the car and refitted the HDC to the car
      All done and dusted and now my Freelander has fully functioning Hill Decent Control I hope this will help a few of you suffering with such problems
    16. Freelaner
      Excellent job ;)

      Welcome to the forum btw
    17. hipponewbie
      Hi everyone, I'm a total newbie here but have been through a few of the forums here's and found some great advice.

      The trouble I'm having though seems very wierd so would appreciate any helpful suggestions before being ripped off totally by a local garage.

      I have a 2001 2.0td4 freelander which drives like a dream is very quiet apart from a slight knocking from the front wheels area over pot holes etc. I've only had the car 7 months which had 4 new tyres at the time and I've done about 6,000 miles since. The two front tyres are now bald on both the inside and outside edges both worn about the same amount with very little wear on the middle of the tread. I check the pressures regularly and keep them at 28psi so don't think this much wear could come so quickly due to the pressure. Is it possible that the ball joints need replacing or is it likely to be that and something else or just something else completely.
      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    18. Freelaner
      Underinflated tyres

      drop links
    19. Pikey
      My advice is introduce yaself properly then start a new thread don't add to what is supposed to be a reference point for other gaylander owners to read up on. else the useful stuf gets lost in all the Banality.