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Sep 21, 2018
Jan 31, 2008
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September 29
Brexited. Living on an island.
max security.


Spreading Joy & Harmony, in Brexited. Living on an island.

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Sep 21, 2018
    1. currymunster
      Hi Storm99,
      Do you still have the contact for vehicle transport for a £1 a mile, Need my 1995 110 CSW taken up to James Martin for some TLC.
      Did post in courier service but as I expected, It's too big.
      It's about 2100kgs due to two axles in the boot as well.
      Going from CT194LT up to LN117BW Aztech Engineering.

      Many Thanks
    2. strange_days
      You're back!

      Happy times :D

      Lots of fun recently
    3. strange_days
      not seeing you around much these days? am missing your unique take on things
    4. floyd page
      floyd page
      hi mate just thought i would give u an update as i couldnt get anyone to swap engines over without moaning and making it sound hard lol i have traded it in for a 1997 disco sorry for all the messing about hope ur ok at some point i may need ur help on how to use this site properley as im thick without a clue lol cheers
    5. floyd page
      floyd page
      hi mate sorry its been so long but tried all appeal avs and got nowhere so if ur still up for that engine swap i should be getting the 200tdi out mid august hopefully mechanic should have recovered enough by then to be of more use to me lol as i dont no a spaner from a hamer . let me no if its still ok many thanks floyd.
    6. Janbean75
      hello sorry im new at all this, its the series 1.
    7. eddy hutch
      eddy hutch
      Showing your age ! Starsky and Hutch so sixties.
    8. BuzzLand
      What's it like living in the land of the Dane?!
    9. treestump
      Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Stumpy
    10. wickford90
      dear storm trooper thank you for your constructive critique . this is my first time on your forum, i appreciate your warm welcome and look forward to more of your words of wisdom in the future. regards wickford 90
    11. gemsdad
      hi,i am an ex engineer,37 fiel sqd,23 eng regt,ex osnabruck.cheers gemsdad
    12. millemg
      Hey I'm shocked, can you really help my 2a headlamp problem ???? What do you actually have for me ? Thanks very much.
    13. Dirty Gertie
      Dirty Gertie
      It's my usual non-sleep pattern - bit of insomniac at the mo, but I've been mucking out stables today, so I'm actually feeling tired, which is good :D Do you do permanent nights?
    14. Dirty Gertie
      Dirty Gertie
    15. storm99
      Leave a message after the ****ing beep...
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    September 29
    Brexited. Living on an island.
    max security.
    Current Landrover:
    Disco 1 (rotten)
    Dream Landrover?:
    the first one!
    sleep, fix landy, swear, drink, call a mechanic.