L322 Could anyone help with 2005 RR HSE fluids questions?

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I don't have my 2005 RR owner's manual. The only thing I could find was RAVE zip and there, it is 2003 MY manual

Publication Part No. LRL0649NAS - 2nd Edition © Land Rover 2003

In that manual Lubricants & Fluids on page 271 is following info:
Main gearbox
Filled for life. Esso LT71141.

Power steering
Texaco Cold Climate PAS fluid 14315 or service part number LRN2261 - ACE/PAS fluid.

Brake reservoir
Any brake fluid having a minimum boiling point of 500ºF (260°C) and complying with FMVSS 116 DOT4.

Engine cooling system
Use Castrol Anti-freeze NF, Texaco AFC or service part number LRN6024. Use one part anti-freeze to one part water for protection down to -36° C.
Then, there is
Workshop Manual Service Procedures LRL0477NAS (6th Edition) © 2003 Land Rover

There, on page 09-1/3 there is following info
Engine - V8:
⇒ Engine oil and filter change 8.5 litres
⇒ Fill from dry 9.1 litres

ZF Automatic gearbox:
⇒ Refill 6.0 litres/12.6 pt
⇒ Fill from dry 9.9 litres/20.9 pt
ZF Automatic Gearbox oil
Use only Esso ATF LT 71141.

Transfer box:
⇒ Refill 0.95 litres/2.0 pt
⇒ Fill from dry 1.0 litres/2.1 pt
Transfer box
Use only Castrol BOT 26 FMB 1

Front and rear differentials:
⇒ Front 0.75 litres/1.6 pt
⇒ Rear 1.0 litres/2.1 pt
Fill from dry
⇒ Front 0.8 litres/1.7 pt
⇒ Rear 1.2 litres/2.5 pt
Front and rear differential
Use only Castrol SAF-X0.

Power Steering
Use only Texaco Cold Climate PSF 14315 fluid

Brake fluid
Use only Shell DOT 4 ESL brake fluid

Cooling system - V8 Engine:
⇒ Refill 13.0 litres
⇒ Fill from dry 17.3 litres
Use only Texaco anti-freeze coolant (AFC). This is an ethylene glycol based anti-freeze (containing no methanol) with silicate non-phosphate corrosion inhibitors, to protect the cooling system
CAUTION: If Texaco AFC is unavailable, use any ethylene glycol based anti-freeze (containing no methanol) with silicate non-phosphate corrosion inhibitors.
My questions:

  1. If you have 2005 RR HSE US version, could you please take a look and write what are fluids specs in the manual?
  2. Does fluids specs from either of manual/quotes above apply to 2005 RR HSE?
  3. Does 'fill for life' mean that the fluid should NOT be replaced?
  4. What are current equivalents of fluids that are mentioned above?
  5. When ordering fluids, should I order the quantity matching 'fill from dry' or 'refill'? For ZF transmission, the difference is 4 liters...
  6. How many liters of break fluid and power steering fluid is required?
What else should I know about fluids?