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*CANCELLED* LandyZone 13 - 24th/25th June 2017 - Everything you need to know!

Discussion in 'Landyzone 13 24/25th June 2017' started by accyroy, Feb 7, 2017.

By accyroy on Feb 7, 2017 at 9:11 PM
  1. accyroy

    accyroy Administrator Administrator

    Mar 16, 2004
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    The great gathering of the clan will take place from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th June

    in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside.

    A weekend of family fun set in the grounds of Stanford Hall to celebrate 13 years of LandyZone.

    Where is this amazing Stanford Hall?

    (click on the map to be sent to google)
    Stanford Hall   Google Maps.png
    What will be we be doing?
    We will have a large marquee with a licensed bar from Friday evening through the weekend.
    That's two lagers and two CAMRA award winning real ales on tap.

    Guided green laning trips on Saturday and Sunday graded for suitability of all Land Rovers.

    Anything else?
    Jeez, you lot are demanding! Ok, ok how about..
    • Events
    • Competitions
    • Auctions
    • Raffles

    SOLD! It looks amazing! What do I need to bring?

    Well, we've got the basics covered.,

    Hot food will be available for sale throughout from Friday through to Sunday morning.

    Excellent quality toilets exclusively for the use of LandyZone

    The site is pet friendly, dogs should be kept on leads in the main event area but there are large woods adjacent to the site that we have access to for dog walking/running.

    How much?

    Children are very welcome and have free entry.

    Tickets are available here.... https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/landyzone-13-2017-tickets-31494050553
    Cost is £50 (+handling fee) per vehicle including up to 2 adults for the entire weekend, additional adults are £25.

    There are no extra charges for whatever you bring to sleep in. Whether multiple tents or even a freakin caravan.

    Hey caravanners, though there aren't any electrical hook-ups. Hook-ups are available in the caravan site next to the event field but pitches need to be pre-booked at extra cost, PM for details.

    More details will be added here as they are confirmed

    Oh yeah.. some piccies from previous years!







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Discussion in 'Landyzone 13 24/25th June 2017' started by accyroy, Feb 7, 2017.

    1. 110woman
      Neilly...just seeing your soft top again will make me happy :)
      neilly likes this.
    2. Magicgrotto
      Naa She wont be there ! unless she sells some of her tat out of her shed !:oops:
      WILL be there if O/H can get the week off !:rolleyes:
      Mark Piercy likes this.
    3. norseman
      Assuming RRC's are to be allowed in:cool: is there a daily admittance rate ?
    4. 110woman
      There isnt a daily ticket this year im afraid. Most of the associated costs of the event are based around the saturday and also the activites ...so its a one ticket price that covers the whole weekend.
      even if you just come for the day ..its still well worth it in my humble opinion.
      neilly likes this.
    5. norseman
      I'm afraid I disagree on that point, but thank you for the reply.
    6. johnnew
      really sorry you feel like that but we cant please everybody, A full day laning plus entertainment at night isn't bad for £50, its a shame you don't know anybody else that's coming from your area that you could share a motor with.
      neilly likes this.
    7. norseman
      No need to apologise, you are right to cater for those dedicated folks who want to off-road their Series/Defenders whereas I, with my original Classic, wouldn't want to risk even the paintwork, let alone mud-plug.
      nb: before anyone is tempted to call me a cissy let it be know that I done my share of off-road/competing with various Series years ago (see my profile)
      I hope the show is a success for everyone, both organisers & attendees.
      Mark Piercy and johnnew like this.
    8. Bobsticle
      No one would call you for protecting your car. They might though for being tight...........:p
      You wouldnt be Scottish by any chance............:p:D:)

      Just kidding wiv ya. I'm hoping to make it but wont be laning. Mostly coz mine would probably fall to bits.
    9. gstuart
      would be good if u fancied to meet up along the way

      won't be taking mine off road either due to the paintwork , so won't be alone

      but might be cheeky and skip round the scratchy bits then rejoin the greenlaners without anyone hopefully not noticing, lol

      is such a great atmosphere with putting names to faces and a great bunch of people

      would be really good if u fancied going , will try and organise a convoy on route , meeting up with others
    10. 110woman
      If there are people coming who dont fancy laning we can see about arranging a tour of the British motor museum at Gaydon and a tour of the Land Rover factory....this will obviously incure an additional cost .

      I just need to know numbers and i can go ahead and book tickets
      neilly likes this.
    11. neilly
      British motor museum is good for a few hours.

      Lots of old Landies to have a shufti at, if you "gift aid" when you buy your ticket then you can get free entry for a year.

    12. 110woman
      Right ..listen up chaps... to celebrate 13 glorious years of LZ, in addition to all the great stuff we have planned which we have had in previous years, this year we also have a LIVE BAND on the Saturday night.
      soooooo.... i need two things from you all please...can those of you who are planning to come please buy your tickets as early as possible so we know major cost outlays are covered and secondly can people start thinking about donations for the charity raffle to be held on the night. This year's chosen charity is Macmillan ...helping those with cancer. Even if you cant attend if you could offer a prize that'd be much appreciated.
      gstuart and Dippypud like this.
    13. norseman
    14. Bobsticle
      I'm the same mate. But if I can attend the 260 mile round trip in a clapped out series will need an overnight stop. Even if it's under the thing with my spanners.
      Nig likes this.
    15. gstuart
      as ur coming in a series , will u be planning a week in advance :p:D

      time to take cover i think :rolleyes:
    16. Bobsticle
      Can't confirm till the last minute due to shift pattern and a move at work but I have plans to turn up. If only to upset everyone. ;)

      I plan to parachute in from a chinook. :rolleyes:
      Nig and gstuart like this.
    17. Magicgrotto
      just make sure you land on Garys tent !:oops::p
    18. Bobsticle
      What and soil the wheels :eek:
      Nig, gstuart and Magicgrotto like this.
    19. Magicgrotto
      Ok then Bob land on his NEW roof rails ! With the weight it will help him get off the field :rolleyes::p:p:p
      Bobsticle likes this.
    20. gstuart
      won't be able to get the beer out of the boot then, oh well , will just have to stay in there then :p:D
      Magicgrotto and Bobsticle like this.