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*CANCELLED* LandyZone 13 - 24th/25th June 2017 - Everything you need to know!

Discussion in 'Landyzone 13 24/25th June 2017' started by accyroy, Feb 7, 2017.

By accyroy on Feb 7, 2017 at 9:11 PM
  1. accyroy

    accyroy Administrator Administrator

    Mar 16, 2004
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    The great gathering of the clan will take place from Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th June

    in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside.

    A weekend of family fun set in the grounds of Stanford Hall to celebrate 13 years of LandyZone.

    Where is this amazing Stanford Hall?

    (click on the map to be sent to google)
    Stanford Hall   Google Maps.png
    What will be we be doing?
    We will have a large marquee with a licensed bar from Friday evening through the weekend.
    That's two lagers and two CAMRA award winning real ales on tap.

    Guided green laning trips on Saturday and Sunday graded for suitability of all Land Rovers.

    Anything else?
    Jeez, you lot are demanding! Ok, ok how about..
    • Events
    • Competitions
    • Auctions
    • Raffles

    SOLD! It looks amazing! What do I need to bring?

    Well, we've got the basics covered.,

    Hot food will be available for sale throughout from Friday through to Sunday morning.

    Excellent quality toilets exclusively for the use of LandyZone

    The site is pet friendly, dogs should be kept on leads in the main event area but there are large woods adjacent to the site that we have access to for dog walking/running.

    How much?

    Children are very welcome and have free entry.

    Tickets are available here.... https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/landyzone-13-2017-tickets-31494050553
    Cost is £50 (+handling fee) per vehicle including up to 2 adults for the entire weekend, additional adults are £25.

    There are no extra charges for whatever you bring to sleep in. Whether multiple tents or even a freakin caravan.

    Hey caravanners, though there aren't any electrical hook-ups. Hook-ups are available in the caravan site next to the event field but pitches need to be pre-booked at extra cost, PM for details.

    More details will be added here as they are confirmed

    Oh yeah.. some piccies from previous years!







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Discussion in 'Landyzone 13 24/25th June 2017' started by accyroy, Feb 7, 2017.

    1. Flossie
      They isn't pics from last year!
      Cos I'm not on em and the grass isn't 3 foot feckin high!:p:p
    2. NorfolkBird
      Wot u on aboot yr Landy's on there - you were showing off that yer bulbs were workin anorl :p:p
      Turboman likes this.
    3. 110woman
      Really !!!!.......... of all the million photos taken from the last few LZ meets - you had to post one of me stuffing a bacon sarnie in my gob !!:oops:
    4. gstuart
      here's one from lz11

    5. Flossie
      Oh yeah!:oops:
      The pretty orange one..:D
    6. gstuart
      out of curiosity how many routes are there please

      assume they are in different levels of difficulty

      just wish to make sure i get on the right one,

      the non scratchy one, lol
    7. johnnew
      Routes have not been done yet, but I will guarantee there will be NO non scratchy ones at that time of year.
    8. gstuart
      thks for letting me know, will stay on site then when everyone goes off road
    9. johnnew
      Sorry about that but the last time we quoted non scratchy lanes which they were when we did them, 2 weeks later they were scratchy
    10. gstuart
      no worries and fully understand , just don't wish to damage the paintwork on this one

      will give the dogs a good walk instead and catch up with everyone when they come back at the end of the day
      johnnew likes this.
    11. neilly
      I am sure there will be a spare seat or two, especially if a gate monkey is needed.....:p:p

    12. gstuart
      cheers , makes me sound a right stuck up git , just don't want to ruin the paintwork , would be great to join others, only thing is i will have my dogs , wouldn't wish to be so rude in having them with me in another landy

      never know there may be some off road fun i can have in the disco , will be bringing my camera
    13. TheLandroverGirl
      So many great looking Defenders! Will my evoque be allowed in? :/
    14. neilly
      There are some freelanders in there, so the bar was already lowered.......:p:p

    15. TheLandroverGirl
      Grrrr!! There was definitely no need for that! I bet they even let the Disco Sports in!
      neilly likes this.
    16. gstuart
      @neilly is only jealous of the red leather :D
      neilly likes this.
    17. Mark Piercy
      Mark Piercy
      dont forget you lot, if a girl suddenly appears at landyzone shouting your name then knees you in blocks! It'll be land rover girl..:eek:
    18. 110woman
      Come on chaps, no new tickets bought since last week.....its the most exciting thing that happens in my somewhat routine life , watching the number of sales go up. Put it this way, if you buy one, at least you can honestly say youve made 'A' woman in your life happy :D
      neilly likes this.
    19. neilly
      What....Do you want me to buy a second ticket......was the first not good enough???????