L322 2010-2012 Air Suspension Module location (I've found it!)

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I have another thread going on my woes but I feel I'm getting closer to a resolution so I'll update that as and when. For the moment though, I thought it a good idea to post the location of the Air Suspension Module on the facelift 2010 L322.

On the earlier cars >2009 it is located behind the bottom of the passenger kick panel (A pillar) and there is loads of info to suggest this on the web but nothing for the later cars and having stripped mine down I can confirm it's not there.

Topix suggested that the unit is in the RH rear quarter and I can now confirm that to be the case, but the sneaky b's have hidden it behind the fuse box. When remove the access panel for the Fues box in the boot, you can see above and towards the rear of the car the Adaptive Dynamics module and nothing more. However, if you remove the fuse box, you will find the Air Suspension module directly behind it and it cannot be seen until you do. Here are some pics I have stolen from eBay to show you the layout.

Hope this is useful to someone in the future.