L322 l 322 air suspension

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sorry to bother you guys again
After getting the air suspension going well on my 2003 l322 td6 rangey i had to go sheep chasing over mountain tracks . Up came articulation fault . So i thought ,ah,had this before and i cured it with you guys help and by resetting the suspension with my rsw software . So I tried again to do it .
Unfortunately the front legs ,suspension wont go down so i cant reset . Ive tried three times and the back lowers on both but neither of the front will go down . If i try to use the rangeys own access position again the backs lower off but not the front .
Any help appreciated .
I tried the software on my good black l 322 rangeroer 2004 and the back and front all lower okay ,back first then front then settles on the bump stops ,so its not the software .
Thanks again
I would say have a look at the connector for the front block as it sounds like the solenoids arent operating.