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With thanks to Clutchdust....
Here we go, a full step by step guide with piccys.

The pics are of a range rover but apart from 2 extra cylinders and the engine fitted the correct way round in the car, the Td6 is identical to the Td4 and the procedure is the same..................

Please note that this will wreck the injector but usually, if you're doing this, you'll be replacing it anyway.

1. with a dot punch and a hammer, tap the nut round on the top of the injector and take the top off (I'm pointing to the nut that needs to be knocked round)

2. you should end up with this........

3. Put the top of the injector in a vice upside down and drill an 8mm hole all the way through, then open up the first part of the hole to 13mm, don't go all the way through but only go in about 10mm or so.

4. Using a 13mm nut (8mm thread) and bolt, pull the nut into the top of the injector till it stops, you should have something like this...........

5. now find a piece of 8mm threaded bar, nuts and a suitable weight to make a slide hammer...........

6. Screw the bar into the top of the injector and screw the top back onto the injector, like so.........

7. Work the slide hammer as hard as you can till the injector comes out, if it doesn't, find a heavier wieght and try again. Don't bother with WD40 as there is a seal half way down and the WD40 won't get to the part thats seized.

8. The reason it's seized is because of this crap build up...............
One cause for non-working rear electric windows

Fixing non functional rear windows
the EGR system redirects exhaust gases back into the engine along with fresh air through the inlet manifold. this was done to reduce exhaust emissions but can over time clog up the system & reduce performance

The first thing most disco owners do is fit a blanking plate between the egr pipe & the exhaust manifold.

you can get the blanking plate kits from here

the following threads give excellent tips, advice & fitting instructions






this is a common problem caused by the air-con drains becoming blocked

see these posts for details & solutions


Can be downloaded here as PDFs FOC

List of PDFs

or as the iso images below.

land rover rave technical system

rave01 = Range rover P38, Discovery 2, Defender 300tdi/Td5/v8, Freelander 1.8/td4/v6

rave02 = Range Rover P38 and L322, Defender 200/300tdi and v8

rave03 = Range Rover classic tdi/v8, Discovery 1995 onwards mpi/Tdi/v8, Freelander 1.8/L series

The rave disks download as .iso image files. After downloading them you need to use magiciso, 7-zip or winzip type programs to open them, to allow you to copy the rave folder out of the .iso image file.

For Freelander 2 manuals you need to look ere: Freelander 2 repair and maintenance manual

Online parts lists:

Land Rover parts

Allbrit MG ROVER & Mini Classic Teilekataloge
1) Sign up at any photo hosting website (ie: Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket)
2) Once you have an account, follow the link to upload pictures.
3) Once a picture is uploaded, you will see a link is provided beside the IMG field below the picture (that's why I like photobucket cause they have the link below the picture, hence, not all photo host provide that.)
4) Copy the link and paste it on the message like


the second [IMG] should have a / before the IMG. It's taken out purposely for demonsration. With the / you will get this:

Greetings all,

I am new to the forum so I thought I would make a contribution.
My 02 Freelander recently kicked out the Good Ol' F4 code on the dash panel, and I am going to attempt fix it myself.:cool:

The day it happened, I "limped" into Land Rover Tulsa to have it checked out. After sitting around for few hours, the tech tells me that the ECU is throwing a code for the solenoid, and it would cost a cool grand ( £500 ) to fix, or it would be 3 thousand US ( £1500 ) for a rebuilt gearbox to be installed. :mad:

I subsequently purchased the parts and brought the beast back to my house for repair.:cool:

Here is the battle plan:

1. ) Easiest fix first: I have heard that by pulling the battery for a half hour and letting it sit, you can sometimes get around a repair, as the ECU might be throwing a false code. I figure it's worth a try, but not likely. The Gaylander is sitting without a battery as I type this.

2.) Go after the 2/4 shift solenoid. I understand this will be the most likely to go out... Reverse works fine, First works, and I haven't had a lock-out on the gearbox, so I think I am on the right track. The other 2/4 solenoid may be the culprit as well, but I will cross that bridge when I get there.

3.) Take it to Salt Flats up in the panhandle, and bury it, change my name so I don't have to pay the note, and pack my things and head to Mexico. Maybe trade it for a Toyota. More likely the latter.

I will include pictures as I go along, should anyone need them for reference later on. This should be at the very least interesting.

Wish me luck!
Came across this so I thought I'd give it its own fred to make it esier to find. Some of them may be in Johnny Forieigner language.