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wiltshire landyman
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Dec 10, 2018
Apr 6, 2008
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wiltshire landyman

I’m back, in salisbury plain wiltshire

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Dec 10, 2018
    1. Defenderdog1
      Hello Rich, hope all is well with you, a few of us are thinking of coming down your way and doing some lanes around downton area are there any good ones to look out for and do you run MM, cheers speak soon.
    2. wiltshire landyman
      wiltshire landyman
      hi chris robin t is selling his for £2850 its on 35s and has all correction arms,winch etc 5 door 200 tdi...let me know if its of interest..rich
    3. muddy wheeler
      muddy wheeler
      Hi Mate,
      Hope your keeping well, looking for a 300tdi disco for a mate he has about 2k to spend if it has a few extras on all the better, As he wants to use it for offroading. not a lot this way but will keep looking Take care Chris.
    4. Youngy
      Hi rich thanks for helping me find my disco , I got my wheels at my house and just need the rest of it ha ha
    5. 531johns
      hello, I am considering visiting the plain at the weekend, I have never been before, have you any advice as to where to get on etc, I will be coming from Stroud area.
    6. katch
      Hello mate, which part of Wiltshire are you in ?
    7. Landynick
      Hi, I'm new to the forum so hope I'm going about this right. I recently moved to Wiltshire and have tried a few lanes. Just wondering if you would be up for organising a laning day in the new year with a few others?
    8. DiscoWilks
      Hi there mate, I have just got my Landy to my new place in Southampton and was wondering if you are going to be out this weekend? I was keen on the plain as I have done it in an army Landy before, but never got to have that much fun. Plus it will **** my dad off (he works in westdown camp!)
    9. Lord Raven
      Lord Raven
      so what gives the best light?
    10. caterpillar95
      Hi mate myself and muddy wheeler down this weekend doing shaftsbury trac and ox drove then back across plains to the barge inn honeystreet pewsey for camping fancy a pub meet in evenung if you free ?

      cheers Sid
    11. piggy in the mud
      piggy in the mud
      Thanks for that mate i will take that on bord and see how it gets on for this week n maybe lower the price later. thanks again
    12. piggy in the mud
      piggy in the mud
      Hi mate i like the photos of the 31st look wicked. just wondering if u could give me some advise im having to sell my truck and wanted to know what you think it could be worth? it item number 320483936065 on ebay. just been looking at some others on there dont know if its to cheap? i also have another 200 tdi diso with 140k on it for spares how much do u that the engine is worth and do you know anyone who wants anything off it as im going to scrap it. cheers craig
    13. caterpillar95
      Hi landyman
      hope to meet you one day on the plains it takes muddy wheeler and myself 3 hours to travel down!!!!!!!!
      we do long distance green laning not pp!!
    14. Gilbo09
      You know your post about the cubby box any chance if anyone pulls out I could have it I will buy it off you if you want thanks. :)
    15. thainy
      hi mate you just wrote that you could do a decent price on the 90, wondered what sort of figure you had in mind? would it pass a mot?
    16. transfer1
      Hi richard,just wanted to say thanks for a great day that you organised yesterday.it was briliant.you were agood host,and i am sure everyone else enjoyed themselves as much as i did!!
    17. transfer1
      morning mate,just spoke to you on phone,but thought still say hi.haha.paul.
    18. The Mad Hat Man
      The Mad Hat Man
      yu got a buyer for yo wheels and tyres
      £175 - thems mine
    19. Jono28
      nice landy
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