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Mar 26, 2021
Jan 18, 2008
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Central France
Wash your mouth out !!


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Mar 26, 2021
    1. Yorkie57
      Woo woo she passed then!
    2. thebiglad
      Yes Rob, I am the same. Sometimes for a laugh I'll read a few adverts on Ebay and the quality of communication, phrasing, grammar and spelling are just priceless.

      Some peeps come onto the forums asking for help and on occasion I just can't understand what they are saying/asking.

      Hey-ho, at least you and me are OK :D:D


      PS I'll hold my hand up about the apostrophe though:o:o
    3. auf_wiedersehen_pet
      HI DAVE WHAT REALLY BUGS ME IS PEOPLE WHO USE CAPITALS THROUGHOUT and people who write long rambling sentences without any punctuation whatsoever add too tht txt spk bad speling or peeple who put apostrophes' on words' where their is know omission or ownership

      i gess you the same


      :) :) :)
    4. discodrivercumbria
      what the car is doing, as we live in the lake district we have hills!!
      to get out of our village is a hill called lindale hill!! quiet steep, 300 yrds from our house,
      you approach the hill and as you start to climb you put your foot down the car take off then suddenly it starts juddering like it is getting starved of fuel, 2 or 3 times i tried it from cold, it even did it warm up honister pass up at keswick, i told em and they came and took the car back, tried it, it didn't do it at first, but rang today and said it has done it yesterday, then gave me all this bollocks, a experienced land rover man told em this (lol) i thought well that news to me, i know who i am going to ask tonight!! so here i am,
      i just don't think they want to spend anymore money on it, besides that i think they are far in experienced as well mechanically, they better join this forum!!!
    5. discodrivercumbria
      have a look at this thread and tell me what you think dave
      cheers andrew
      auto box judders

      been told today that a auto gearbox on a TD5, until warm will not work smoothly, ie acts like fuel starvation, has some sort of relief valve so you can not drive it hard until it warms up, have anybody else heard of this?
      car starts to judder like fuel starvation at around 4000rpm,
      as much to say! until warm do not try to race away from traffic lights etc,
    6. thebiglad
      There are loads of ways of making a TDi 300 run optimally, but if economy is your priority you picked the wrong car.

      If you would like to pm me with the full details of your car,age, modifications, tyres etc I'll create a list for you to follow, OK?
    7. dave300tdi
      hi. not realy haveing any issues with my disco, just wandered if there is a way of makeing it more economical by changing gear ratios, whilst i have g'box and t'box in bits. maybe i am wrong, would'nt be first time. cheers
    8. Tids
      Hi big lad did you see my post did what u said and pips look ok
      Not sure if u u lost like me now thanks for your help
    9. dazcatpetit
      I sent you a pm but when I wanted to check what I said I couldn't find it, senility setting in or maybe the stress of coping with french bureaucracy, e.mail blythap@gmail.com , regards Patricia dazcat)
    10. Chunky Engineer
      Chunky Engineer
      hi big lad do you know where i may get some information on 300tdi engine/auto box configurations? schematics and diagrams would be great.
    11. thebiglad
      Hiya matey, long time no hear, how's you doing? Things all pretty much the same here, both Disco's doing stirling work towing horse trailers full of hay, on ice and snow :eek::eek::eek:

      I'm itching to get the new de-catt downpipe on the TD5 (which continues to give massive pleasure) but thick snow on the ground does NOT encourage me to "have a go". Later !!!!!!

      Currently suffering from a bout of "man flu" so you'll know how serious that is.

      Wendy had a CZ 125 a little while ago, but it was too temperemental so it had to go. Smoked well though.

      Since we last spoke, I've erected a stable for Starkey - Wend's new Trotteur Fran├žais horse. He seems a nice character so he can stay - the previous one was an absolute bitch - so she's gone !!!!!! You might imagine that I wracked up a few browny points with that? But no

      Right I'm off to the lounge by the fire to get warm, take very good care of yourselves

      Cheers, Happy and Healthy (yes I know, but it could be worse??!!) New Year
    12. markw
      hi dave,
      its mark form the west midlands,england. i had the 300tdi disco.
      its been a whilst.
      hope you all had a great christmas and the new year.
      hows you landys going?
      how you getting on with your farm house?
      not a lot changed this end... except no discovery to play with. boo hooo.
      the new astra with the modifications is great but i do miss the discovery.
      still taking the pills ---- 32 a day and still increasing... but still trying to keep as active as i can.

      recently purchases a cz 125 motorbike as a project tp play with. one owner form new,1100 miles form new. very good bsae to start from.
      i can tinker on a stool in the garage. helps releive the boardome.

      i look forward to hearing from you
    13. bevhelee
      phone number 0555482903 LEE
    14. bevhelee
      last time i looked the Limousin was in a region in central France, we live in the Haute Vienne. Where are you? LEE
    15. colin2496
      I am buying in the USA cos i am moving there so it would be a V8 non lpg. It seems that there spec levels were different to the UK market?? I see a S & SE and that is all. At a squeeze a could afford a S 2003 face lift model. Is it more important to get one from 2001 or 2003 is there a huge difference?
    16. bevhelee
      where abouts in central france?
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    Wash your mouth out !!
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