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  • Hi I am new to this site so please be gentle.....I have a 03 vogue 30ltr diesal and the trans failsafe program has appeared on the dash and the car sticks in one gear I assume 4th....this remains like this till you switch off but comes back on as you start off again.....It's been to a local garage which said it was due to low oil in the transfer box due to a leak was repaired and shifter was bench tested to make sure it was working ok which they say it was.....£300 later drove car home and fault came back so I assume it wasn't that so £300 lighter and no closer to fixing problem could anyone help as garage is saying they don't know what it could be now.. Thanks in advance
    hi ant its john steele did you manage to get to the bottom of the over pressure coolant with the l322? i had coolant leaking from the cap so i replaced ,still leaking then replaced the expansion tank ,still leaking. i recently replaced the long hose that goes from the tank to the oil cooler housing via the alternator when i did this i removed the thermostat at the oil cooler end by mistake and im not sure if i got it back in correctly?the strange thing is the pipes to the expansion tank are not over pressure?
    hi saint could you confirm this is the right pump please In Tank Petrol Fuel Pump BMW X5 (E53); X5 (E70) | eBay
    hi saint read you post on fuel pump replacement is there any way i can check if its working or the fuses or relay i know there in the boot but cant work out which ones they are? you advice would be appriciated johnsteele
    hi saint read you post on fuel pump replacement is there any way i can check if its working or the fuses or relay i know there in the boot but cant work out which ones they are? you advice would be appriciated
    Hi There,
    new to all the forum stuff, just got 2 things that are bugging me and wondered if you could help,
    p38 2.5 dse head gasket went ,had new head, went again had new engine took viscous fan off and installed SPAL 16" high power fan runs great but on towing my caravan on the A30 to cornwall temp gauge says overheating .its not overheating if i pull over for a min it goes back down dont use any water or oil,? other baffeling thing its a maunal with front fog lights, they never worked ,replaced the switch on the dash and cheacked the light ok still dont work really would like them to work please can you help with my problems thanks in advance j
    I'd like to ask you a question, sorry in advance. After driving my repaired (LUC groan) L332 about 600 miles with about 1 hour up steep mountain roads I parked up and left the car about 15 mins. I went back to the car, started it and attempted to select reverse. It wouldn't engage in Reverse and instead slipped into neutral and then the engine cut out. The dash warning I think said "select neutral". I restarted the car having put it back into park and it did it again. I thought at the time maybe it had overheated as the uphill journey would have been quite hard on the gear box etc. It did eventually find reverse and all was fine and nothing since even along the long journey home.
    This weekend, I drove it 2 miles and parked up, went back to start her up and similar happened. It wouldn't drop into reverse, instead found neutral then cut out/died. I turned it over once/twice more then all was fine. Any ideas what this maybe. I will post this in a mo too. Cheers very much. Simon
    A quick question if I may, I'm having the oil checked tomorrow and am expecting it to be full of bits etc as I'm convinced everything you says leads to the TC LUC. If the garage cannot do the (big) job before a trip to the Alps on Friday next week, is it going to bugger up my car even more? Its petrol/gas. Would I be advised to use sport mode wherever possible...any tips if the garage cant get the job done in time? Don't tell me to abort the trip! cheers Simon
    Hello Saint.V8
    It looks like you have a considerable amount of knowledge with RR's and I would be really pleased if I could get to the bottom of my two issues raised today. I'm just outside Dorking and cannot find a garage that knows the RR inside out. I guess you can see my posts easily enough.?
    I suspect that I have had the water problem for some time as there are water marks all over the padding behind the rear plastic pillar cover. I have tried some sealant today at the chassis joint near the tailgate hinge bolts. Fingers crossed.
    The groaning noise is well annoying too and I have two long trips planned, one in 2 weeks, the other in the summer. Rear diff oil changed at advice from local garage, made no difference.....any ideas more than welcome. cheers
    Hello there if you are ever in the Dorking area I'd welcome your impressions and advice on my P38 :)
    No probs mate, hmm may have to look at some with with LPG fitted then as the fill ups won't be as upsetting lol, a friend of my parents has a bonetti grey hse, bin chatting to him about his, so hopfully will get a ride in it soon as Ive not even sat in one yet, oh and he got the hse cos he thort there would be less to go wrong haha, do the hse have the heated steering wheel?. Thanks again mate
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