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Jul 19, 2022
Jun 19, 2007
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Hove, Sussex.


Active Member, in Hove, Sussex.

Hi Kev, Where abouts are you? Jul 9, 2017

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Jul 19, 2022
    1. mudplugger
      Hi Rick, having problems with a BECM off a P38, I am wondering if you can advise.
    2. Muddy Vicky
      Muddy Vicky
      Hi Rick,

      Are you still the guy to ask to fix a Disco 2 BCU?

    3. Spamcan81
      Hi Rick,
      Think I've got a BCU problem on my TD5 Discovery - see my thread on the forum. Understand you're the guy to talk to. Rgds Ian
    4. neeton
      Hi Rick,
      I have got a td5 disco, which won't run.
      Symtoms are:
      Won't turn over on the key.
      Turns over if I take lid of starter relay and close contact, in engine fuse box.
      Fuel pump working with ignition on.
      Windows not working
      Central locking works from plip .

      fuseboxes checked and all earths.

      Would be most grateful if you could help as end of me tether with this one.

      Many thanks

      1. goonarmy
        Make a post on the forum and get your answer
        Feb 10, 2021
    5. Offroverp38a
      I have a 98 2.5 p38. problem and this is what's stopping me sorting the rest out, it has gone in to lock down i have the code for the door lock but not working (no lights flash on the dash when in puting Code)tryed disconnecting rf box in boot as have had to in past and no help. I've sprayed the door lock and moved the wires about and it did nothing... .
      1. goonarmy
        Make a post and tell everyone about it.
        Jan 16, 2021
      2. Offroverp38a
        Thanks for the comment and i made a post earlier today , new battery order ready to try the ideas that were posted.
        Jan 16, 2021
    6. Aessop1
      Hi Rick,
      My CJB developed a fault following a key replacement carried out by an independent (ie not by Landrover). I brought it to Dakar in Swanley and they tried to reprogram it but we’re not able to. I’m now considering sending the CJB to Turners. It’s a 2005 discovery 3. I gather you know a lot about this issue m. Cheers michael
      1. goonarmy
        Try a post on the forum
        Nov 17, 2019
    7. AndyDavies
      Hi Rick. I have a problem with the immobiliser on my D2 Td5. Local specialist cant get his diagnostics to communicate with the bcu. How much would you charge to check/repair it please?
    8. morgan
      Hello Rick, I'm having issues with EKA Lockout, I've got a new door lock, but not convinced that it's not the BECM unit, are you still refurbing them it's a 1999 4.6 Thor ?
    9. Jon7654
      Hi rick, I'm after changing the ECU on my automatic discovery. The ECU on the car is NNN I have a spare td5 auto ecu but it's MSB am I right in thinking this won't work? Which ECU's can I use and what would happen if I tried the MSB? Cheers Jon
      1. goonarmy
        Maybe make a post in the relevant section?
        Feb 18, 2019
    10. andrewbeaghan
      Hi, I am after you expertise & help, I have a P38 (1998) 4L . I only got one Key when i purchased it 3 years ago. The key fob is somewhat on its last legs now and is held together with gaffa tape. Do you still do replacement/refurbished key fobs? I live near Blackburn in Lancashire, so popping down to Hove is a little to far. I hope you can help me rather than having to go through the local dealer and pay their £
    11. dirtydefender
      hi I'm dirty defender on here. I am having central locking problems think it might be the bcu as have had ecu done and receiver replaced. could you possibly pm me with a number or something so I can talk to you if your able to help please?
    12. Stuart1298
      Hi Rick. I have seen a few posts and you seem to know about becm issues. I have a battery drain! Any ideas where i should be looking
    13. OBX97
      Hey there, having BECM chatter with wipers, radio and HEVAC working intermittently. Think it might be a BECM problem. Any way to verify if I remove it from the vehicle?
    14. DanClarke
      Hi Rick,
      I spent a while on the phone with Mozz up Manchester way and he told me to get in touch with you about my keyfob issue.
      Is it best to call the Calllrova number in business hours to talk to you?
    15. Rick-the-Pick
      Hi Kev, Where abouts are you?
    16. Kevin hicky
      Kevin hicky
      Rick how much would you charge me to come to me and do my p38 for me it's locked out engine will not start
    17. DanClarke
      Hi Rick,
      I just replied to your update on my post about my "Spurious errors" , but thought I would back it up with a PM as well.
      If you are able to test/repair my P38 Motronic BeCM, what's the process? Can you drop me a line as a PM or to my e-mail ID misterclarke@blueyonder.co.uk?
    18. KingMustafa
      Dear Rick Good day, Please i need your help very urgent some one recommmen you to me please.
      My car is P38 99y 4.6 bosch motronic. The becm has been damaged. Could i install GEMS becm instead of it since i could not find gems? Please help.

      By the way i have Lynx scan tool from Britapart

      Looking forward to hearing from you sooner
    19. zacriley
      i understand you are a p38 genius, i have a 2001 p38 which i bought with only one key my fob is knackered and i need to contact LR for the eka but theres problem, in digging out the paper work for the car i noticed it has had a bcem swap earlier in its life, will this mean the eka will not work and will i still be able to order a new key from LR? many thanks for any advice you may be able to give...... zac
    20. Rob Shepherd
      Rob Shepherd
      Hello Rick

      I have also heard you are the bcu guru!
      I have no indicators, hazards, central locking, intermittent wiper or rear wiper and mileage flashing on a 1999 disco. Changed interior fuse box but no better.

      Could you help? Many Thanks Rob
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