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May 29, 2017
Sep 18, 2007
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Aug 21, 1908 (Age: 111)
Stuck in a ditch somewhere in Somerset


I'm not special I'm limited edition, 111, in Stuck in a ditch somewhere in Somerset

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Do I eat the chocolate digestives or the ginger nuts????? Jul 22, 2015

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May 29, 2017
    1. SeanDriscoll
    2. SeanDriscoll
      Excuse me mate, I just wondered if you could tell me how to post on here?
    3. DARREN4040
      Hi mate just wondered if you could help as looking to put smaller steering wheel on my landy but all the boss kits say for a 2 spoke steering wheel ??
      mine is what i would describe as a 4 spoke ??

      HELP lol
      only reason is missus cant drive it with present wheel as cant get to pedels ( due to large bumps ) lol
    4. L77mpy
      Hi ratty, it's Andrew, June's son, Kats brother. Thanks for the advice earlier. Am down at Mendip shooting ground tomorrow, apparently your neck of the world. Would be great to meet in person
    5. Fatboy11
      Hi Ratty, You got a couple of good pics of me from saturday. Could you email me the full size pics please. It is a set of 3 of me going into the water hole and out the other side. It is a blue 90 reg. d570 eor. Cheers mate. Jason. email: jasoncrow70@gmail.com
    6. DARREN4040
      MORNING ratty
      hope alls well mate??
    7. gas
      we got out no probs at 11.30ish am monday , mates left a few hours later had a nightmare on a303 but i turn north after about 20 miles use the small roadfs , i did reply to you weeks ago but i wrote it in my own visitors box,ummmmmmmmmmmmm not good on computers me , of down your way again 2 weeks today going to dartmouth " woodlands theme park" for 16 days with pikey wagon really looking forward to it.
    8. gas
      bet you were bizy at glasto this year me and the misses and kids had a great time, hope you did more fun for you in wet, we used to it now, cheers gas.
    9. gas
      hi you working at glasto this year again
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    Aug 21, 1908 (Age: 111)
    Stuck in a ditch somewhere in Somerset
    Current Landrover:
    110 TD5 Commercial Station Wagon
    Dream Landrover?:
    300TDI 110 csw or a S3 lightweight fitted with a 300tdi lump
    Resident ditch diver


    REMEMBER: The toes you step on today may be attached to the ass you will have to kiss tomorrow
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