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Feb 17, 2022
Apr 23, 2013
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Feb 17, 2022
    1. Jon Dor
      Jon Dor
      Hi. Arthur (MOZZ) has given me your details. I need my P38 fob sorting please. I'm about to have prostate surgery, so will need my car to get about in next week. Please advise your address so I can send it to you to wave your magic wand over it. I only have the one key. My mobile number if you need to talk to me is: 07
      Kind regards,
      Mike King
      (LZ moniker = Jon Dor)
      1. goonarmy
        You might want to make this a PM, cos everyone can see yer number
        Aug 2, 2022
    2. NJW5007
      Hello Mr Sporty. I hope you dont mind me contacting you in this manner, but i am looking for a replacement key for my L322 Range Rover and fellow members Grrrrrrr and Gold Rover said you may be the very chap.
    3. psg_
      hi. downloaded the firmware of my BCM, found the EKA code, mileage. Can you share information about where the other bytes are?
    4. daphnesdad
      Hello; I have just bought a P38 and only have one key; the buttons don't work on it, and it's held together with a cable tie.
      Can you supply news keys? I only have the one, so can't send it to you as then I'd have no car.
      1. RangeRoller dt likes this.
    5. Datatek
      Could you PM me an address to send my faulty FOB to please?
      1. Itsabeauty likes this.
    6. KingMustafa
      Please i need the the name of tool you use to read the EEprrom
    7. spanner-rash
      Hello, I have only just found the forum and your post about the BECM in the P38 ... ( reading and writing) .. I particularly like your solder less clip on !!..
      I wonder if you have gone any further with this project as the thread seems to have stopped dead..

      Here's hoping ... and fingers crossed
    8. Qanj
      Hi I know your post is over 6 months old. I have worked out most functions in the hex dump of the becm eprom. would be interested in helping out if I can.
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