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  • Hi all
    Still got my with 154,000 on the original engine
    I had the two filters changed on my LPG system changed and that
    Has helped..runs smoother on a motorway trip
    Just had the mot done the other week and it sailed through sitting on a secondhand set of 18inch hurricane alloys in excellent nic
    I had a quick chat with the guy doing the mot about the top end noise
    Only when the engine is sounds fine on start up from cold
    He said it's probably low oil pressure and a possible worn cam with the tappets gunked up
    My question is
    Could anything be tried 1st before I go down the route of what sounds like a top end rebuild ??
    As always thanks in advance

    Hi All
    Gonna give my 4.6 hse a service..its a 1998 on a r plate
    just ordered all the service items as a package
    looking for some advice when attempting the service
    i have a replacement fuel filter are they easy to replace or is the a process i need to do ?
    any help will be greatly appreciated ?
    the other thing which i put down to old age and 150,000 on the clock is once the engine gets warmed up there is a distinct tappet noise ?
    is there a quick fix to pour in any one can recomend or i will just live with it
    checked out that restore fluid on the internet is that just a magic non working potion
    has anybody used it ??

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