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Oct 27, 2012
Sep 9, 2006
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Fife Scotland


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Oct 27, 2012
    1. ford281
      I was interested in the headlight conversion also. I have a 2003 donor vehicle and want to change out my 2000 disco. The pics on the write up are blank. Do you have a pdf file or a source for info? Thanks.
      1. goonarmy
        Make a post in the freelander section and you'll get a response
        Feb 22, 2018
    2. Alan bailie
      Alan bailie
      Hi do you still have the pics from your write up on the facelift light conversion. I can't access them on the forum
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    3. Northern Irelander
      Northern Irelander
      RIP David, a true gent and motoring enthusiast, missed by all on LZ and other MG-Rover forums
    4. Rizzopup
      Thanks for the advice seems it was the IACV took it out and replaced it as it had seized
    5. SteveHenry
      Hi Mantamad,
      I have a 2003 freelander and the paint has flaked off a bit around the rear wheel carrier. I was thinking of taking the rear wheel carrier off, rubbing it down and re-spraying.
      I noticed u mentioned on your post that you done similar over the royal wedding. I was wondering if you had any tips/ pointers? Did you clean all the existing paint off or just any loose bits? What paint did u use to re-spray?
    6. Turbo Girl
      Turbo Girl
      Hello Mantamad, I have a 52 plate disco XS which I'm thinking of facelifting (just the front lights) and saw the thread where you offered to send another member the guide you produced- I'd really love it too please if you still have it! Can you mail to sally@king4wd.co.uk plz? Thanks everso :) Seems mad to find a 52 with the old styl lights but I'm guessing it was 'last of the many' and they wanted to use up the xs bumpers and old lights maybe?
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